First Tren Cycle, Help

This will be my 3rd cycle, my first on TREN, propably would have ran TEST P with this but I’ve got loads of TEST E left so this is whats on cycle

Weeks 1-8 - Test E/750/wk
Weeks 5-10 Tren A 140mg/EOD 1.4 mlEOD
Weeks 1-4 Winny 50mg/ED
Weeks 7-10 - Winny 50mg/ED Armidex .5mg EOD (possible)

Run nolva 20 mg / day if needed and Armidex .5mg on hand if needed
Weeks13: Nolvadex 40Mg/day
week 14: Nolvadex 40Mg/day
week 15: Nolvadex 20Mg/day
week 16: Nolvadex 20Mg/day

Just wanted to check with you guys that the levels TEST to TREn where ok and alll looks in order


could see second thread didnt think it had taken, you recommend 500mg test/ week 1:1 ratio???