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First Tren Cycle Advice


I’m looking to run my first Tren cycle and would like some advice on my gear. Here’s what I’m planning:

WK 1-8: 45MG TrenA ED (315MG weekly)
WK 1-8: 25MG TestP ED (175MG weekly)
WK 1-8: .25MG Cabergoline (Dostinex) 2x WK
WK 1-8: .5MG Arimidex EOD (ONLY if needed)

WK 1-6: 250IUs HCG 2x WK
WK 7: 750IUs HCG ED for last 3 days
WK 7: .25MG Arimidex on day 4

WK 9-13: Nolvadex 40/40/20/20/10
WK 9 on Supplements: Testojack 200, D-Aspartic Acid, DHEA, Indole 3 Carbinol, Resveratrol, ZMA

Here’s some random thoughts on how I arrived at this plan:

  • I chose Tren mainly because of its reputation for promoting lean mass gains
  • The Tren dosage is relatively low which fits well with my inexperience (but should still give good results)
  • I’m using TrenA due to potential unknown sides with me since its HL is short
  • I’m going to run with ED pins to keep blood levels smooth
  • The TestP dosage seems to be all that’s needed with Tren and should help keep sides low
  • I’m using Caber to address the Prolactin issue with Tren (and keep my libido up during cycle)
  • I’m going to keep some Arimidex on hand but I’m not expecting to need it during cycle with the lower Test dosage
  • I’m using HCG to prevent testicular atrophy and keep natural Test production going
  • The .25MG Arimidex on WK 7, day 4 of HCG is to minimize estrogen due to the extra HCG shock

I feel pretty confident about the TrenA & TestP dosages and the Caber usage. I’m a little less confident in the HCG protocol and PCT. Any advice on any of the above is certainly appreciated!

As for me, I’m early 50s, 5’7", 170lbs, around 14%BF. Very experienced in the gym but fairly new to AAS, only running a couple of Sustanon cycles so far. My goals are primarily improved body composition with the addition of some lean mass also very desirable. Reducing sides and of course minimizing any potential negative long term effects is also very important to me.


In all likelihood you won’t need the caber. At the very least you should refrain from taking it unless you actually need it. Take the adex twice a week.

Otherwise you look ready to go.


Sorry, I failed to address your HCG question. I would just run it evenly throughout the cycle. You don’t have to get too fancy with the dosing protocol, just run it at 500/wk. If it’s working at that dose (and it should) you don’t need to blast extra towards the tail end of your cycle. You don’t have to overcomplicate things.


Thanks, I felt like the cycle portion was fairly solid for a first pass on Tren. I’ll take your advice on the Caber. I definitely want to keep it on hand in case of sexual side effects (8 weeks is a long time, lol) but I’ll probably just use it as needed.

As far as the HCG goes, that sounds good too. Have you (or others) done similar cycles both with and without HCG? How’s it worked in practice?


I just thought that I’d post a quick follow up. I had a very successful cycle (around 12 weeks) with some great results in body comp and strength. Sides were pretty minimal with some night sweats, occasional Tren cough and a little bit of Tren dick the last couple of weeks. I’m just finishing up my PCT now and things seem to be pretty much back to normal but I will probably follow up with some blood work in a couple of weeks just to be sure. Overall I would say for anyone thinking about Tren that you should give it a try—you won’t be disappointed! And it’s not nearly as “scary” as it is sometimes made to seem assuming you do your homework and go at it modestly as I did.

For the record I started with about 200mg Tren A and 100mg Test P the first week, did 300/150 for around 6 weeks, and bumped it up to around 450/225 for a week or two at the end just to test my tolerance levels. The only real change I saw at the end was some Tren dick which I’m not sure is due to the increased dosage around that time or just the length of the cycle. I tried some Cabaser with no real effect so I upped the Test to more like 450mg and that seemed to help and I added Arimidex as well to be safe. PCT was Clomid 50/50/50/50 and Nolva 20/20/10/10.


Ive always heard keep the Test dose higher then the tren… I did Tren & Test P had great results
Mine was moderate as well
Test P 100 EOD Tren Ace .75 EOD I ran Anastrozle .50 x2 a week and caber .25 x2 a week… HCG 40 units as needed… For me the Tren killed my nuts they hurt like a bitch… Only thing that helped was HCG so I just pinned it as my nuts shrank to grape nuts… First 4-6 weeks great strength gainz and very on edge…Sleep was shit but pills can knock it down… My sweat was lots and super stinky like amonia… Only got tren cough once when I pinned it solo…but mixed with prop no issues


That’s interesting, I heard pretty much the exact opposite (run Test about half the Tren) in order to minimize sides. And yeah I definitely noticed a lot of shrinkage but they came back to normal during PCT so that all seems to be good. I thought about HCG during the cycle but elected not to mainly because it was my first time with Tren and I wanted to keep things as simple as possible. I’ll definitely consider it for next time although I’m confused why your nuts would have continued to shrink with HCG? Isn’t that the whole point of using it that it maintains things?


Once I pinned the hcg the shrinking & pain would stop…but Tren was murder on my nuts…kinda painful TBH… With test prop slightly higher then Tren I didn’t have much sides…just shitty sleep & smelly sweat…I think the anastrozle & caber prevented anything bad…
I was also running winny but that shits pretty mild…