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First Tren Cycle Advice

This is my 4th cycle overall and I want to try Tren A and see how I do on it. My first two cycles were test C only and third was clen/t3/test C. I have cruised through the last two and only have done PCT with my first cycle. I am 42 and started on TRT before doing anything else. Current stats are:

6’6 275 my BF was 8% a few months ago after my Clen/t3 cycle but I have put on about 10 pounds and BF has went up a little.

Here is what I am thinking and based off my research but I am open to suggestions.

250 mg Test C a week split into two injections a week on mon/thurs
Question: Should I increase? I have read that you want text to be lower than tren and since it is my first tren cycle I wasnt going to go too high. I have done a cycle of 500mg and one at 750mg of test.

50mg EOD tren A. This is hands down what everyone says to start with. I want to dive in at 100mg EOD but I understand everything that comes with tren and that why I went tren a vs e so if I have to back out due to sides I can do that quickly.

40mg/day Dbol - this is simply because I have it and I have read it is a good stack. Just using it for the first 6 weeks.

Adex - small dosage because I to get est issues even on that small of dosage of test

caber - 1mg a week. What I read the half life is long so only one pill a week.

I havent decided length of cycle yet. I am thinking 10 weeks.

I just came off of an 8 month cycle of HGH as well. I wish I could afford to keep that going but I cant.

I know this is a pretty basic or intermediate cycle at best but if you have any suggestions I would appreciate it. I have always got solid advice here.

Holy shit.

Tren sides can be a bitch for some, so definitely stick with 50 EOD for now. If it was tren e you’d have to run a bit higher to get the same effect. At 150 of ace or 200 of e I get bad enough night sweats and insomnia that I can’t maintain because my job requires a lot of mental focus to get anything done. Melatonin, Z12 and all that OTC crap does nothing for me.

A lot of people say the tren sides are better when you run high tren and low test rather than the other way around. I can’t speak on that because I’ve never been able to tolerate high tren with any amount of test, but it’s something to think about. You’ll get more out of tren than just about anything else, especially if you’re looking to lean down, so even just running a TRT dose of test with 50mg EOD tren A will produce good results.

Yeah, I definately have read and understand the sides. I will go into cautiously because I am not doing it to compete or anything so I dont want to have to put up with crazy sides. Some people say they can do it and some cant. I read the same about Clen but I handled it np and at higher dosages.

I will start it next Monday so we will see how it goes. When do the sides kick in?