First Tren Cycle & Acne Question


First of all hello to everyone since i’m new to this forum. I have a pretty simple question concerning first test cycle & acne.

Simply said i’m planning on running 250mg/week test cypionate for 12 weeks. A simply question about acne, i’ve never had a ‘proper’ acne, i had a lot of ‘small dots’ and i recently did accutane for 6 months 20mg/day. It cleared my face and it looks pretty good, been using normal supplements like whey and so on since a while and it’s pretty much okey, i got normal skin without any problems.

I’ve been doing some research and as i can see that people always advice not to be that worried about acne on a sucha low dose like 250mg/week. And do i get kind of advantage aswell coz i alrdy ran accutane for 6months? Or that would have nothing to do with the cycle.


I’ve had a few acnes in my time…

I wouldn’t worry about it if you’ve taken Accutane

Why such a low dose?

if you keep your E2 in range that will keep your skin clear, I only see acne when I start using serms for pct.