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First Tren Ace Cycle Questions

Hey guys, just wanted opinion on this Test E And Tren A dosages for a beginner user with Tren, I will also be running DBol a month before I start Tren. This will be my 2nd cycle. I’ve done anadrol and test my last cycle. I’ll give you simple stats
BF 14%
Height 6’0
Weight 180
Thanks guys!

Tren and dbol are synergistic compounds. Why run them Seperate?

I didn’t know I could. What are your thoughts about dosage? Considering its my first Tren cycle

Give more stats. What are tour goals with this cycle? What was your first cycle?

Goal here is to get down to 7%, gain at least 10-15lbs of dry muscle. My last cycle was Test E 500mg and Anadrol 50mg for 6weeks then hopped on Anavar polish it off, so happy with the gains but way to much water retention with the drol.

10 lbs of muscle is a possibility but dropping to 7% is a little much for one short esther cycle… Maybe look at getting under 10%bf… weight up to 190. that’s more likely attainable… I would suggest test prop to go with the tren ace. That way they are both short e sthers and acting together… tren is an amazing compound and it doesn’t take much especially using it with dbol, your strength is gonna climb like crazy. Keep sides to a minimum by using your test base at a higher level or at least the same level as the tren. If I had to suggest an amount, for your goals of wanting to cut bf%, I would get some test prop and use
Wk1-8, test prop 50mg/day
Wk 1-8, tren a 50mg/day
Wk1-4, dbol 30mg/day (break this up 10mg morning, 10mg noon, 10mg night…)
Wk 9-10 test prop 50mg/day
PCT with clomid…i wouldn’t use anything else man.
Wk 11 Clomid 50mg/day
Wk 12-14 Clomid 25mg/day
Wk 15 Clomid 12mg/day
AI is probably necessary especially in the beginning with that dbol… blood tests can help dial in the dose.
Caber on hand, but honestly I’ve never needed it, I’m just lucky I guess…
That’s how I would run this one man. Keep your cardio happening because Tren is an amazing thermo man. Get ready to sweat. Haha

Thanks man this is awesome advice, but I was going for a 12 week cycle, that’s why I chose Test E not Prop, after this cycle I’ll prob do 8weeks test prop and tren a for the summer like u said. This cycle looks like this

1-12 Test E (not sure on dose)
1-4Dbol 30mg
3-12 Tren A (not sure on dose)
3-12 Anavar
And maybe the Anavar

Does this look ok? And Would I need HCG throughout the cycle?
Sorry I just have a lot of questions.

If you are set on using test e l, then I suggest you start that at 350/wk for 2 weeks. Then 3rd week, introduce tren a…dbol you could start with tren or with test. Up to you. The reason for this is the tren is sort esther and will kick immediately. The test is a long esther and takes a few weeks to kick in… not ideal… I would not run the cycle like this. I would hold the test e until a later cycle and get prop for this one. The adex is strong…go easy on the dose… like .25 e3d at first. Even just take .25mg on days you pin test e. Test e needs to be pinned 2x/wk.

The tren a needs to be pinned eod or ed… I would go ed personally… it’s gets confusing when you are pinning different compounds alone and then like 2x week you pin together. It gets hard to keep up… get a journal going on when, how much, and what you used each day. This is smart for every cycle as you can look back and say, “shit, that didn’t work…” or " I’m running that one just like I did…" later on… ahh, what else? The var… I have never used bar but I do have 200 tabs sitting back in my little candy box for later so I really can’t contribute how to incorporate this into a cycle…

I know you really don’t want to run any oral more than 6 weeks and your liver needs time to restore itself so give it 6 weeks before introducing another oral… if you’re set on 12 weeks, that’s cool… i would still run prop for 12 weeks with the tren… but I’m telling you, that 12 weeks of tren ace is gonna kick your ass. You may think twice after this one about such a long run on a harsh compound like ace. You may find yourself fatigued, irritable, paranoid, not sleeping well, and sweating constantly for the last 6 weeks… you will be ready to be off:) I know I was my first tren cycle. I was ready for a break. Of course, I have 3 vials on the way 4 no the later, but ya know…haha! I hope this helps bro and remember I don’t know shit. Take it all with a grain of salt and bounce these ideas off others who may have more knowledge and experience…

surprised no flaming for the original stats… 180 lbs at 6’0, and not particularly lean? That’s not so good man… particularly after you’ve used steroids. Did you even work out before you used?

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Damn, how did I miss that?? :slight_smile:

13% BF at 180? I don’t see a problem.Yes but I stopped working out completly for 3months due to shoulder injury. What’s ur advice on this cycle?

If you were 180 at 8%bf, but you have alot of jiggle at 13% man. Im 6’3" at 226yesterday and 11%bf and in the middle of dbol and im not even that big man. 6ft tall at 180 with 13%bf. You just need to workout more. Eat much cleaner. Tren ace is gonna work for you much more efficiently at lower bf and with healthy habits… if you hurt your shoulder, and now your strength and aggression is going to skyrocket, this leaves one thing for certain in my book. Reinjury. And it may be worse than last time, guy. You wanna let that thing heal? How about working the stabilization muscles surrounding that joint. Stretching and stabilization need to be your main concern. I hate injury. It takes all the fun out of big lifts, but to get to the other side of that injury will build perseverance and drive in you. Been there man. Research your injury and ways of rehabilitation. Most of us have gone through that at some level.

youre fucking small. that’s the problem.

Thanks for your honest advice bro