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First Tren A Cycle

Background - I’m 30, 5ft 8in 218lbs probably 12-14% BF (haven’t had it checked in years). Bench 365-385lbs, deadlift 500, squat 465. Played high school football and have been lifting for 15 years. I’ve been on TRT for nearly 7 years (Test Cyp), about 4 of which has been Subq. My natural T flatlined in late 2008 for no discernible reason, NOT from running a cycle. This will actually be my first true cycle, though I’m exceptionally familiar with the endocrine system given my time on TRT and trying to convince 5 endo’s over a 2 year period that I didn’t crash my own T levels via cycling. Anyways…

Everything I’ve read on Tren A suggests anywhere from 300-400 mg/wk for 8 weeks is a good ‘beginner’ cycle. I intend to continue taking my TRT (0.35mL or 70mg E3D) as prescribed and take the Tren ED at 50 mg ED. I understand this isn’t the ideal ratio of Tren/Test, but I don’t see why this would be an issue if I intend for Tren A to be the workhorse of this cycle. I’ve had prolactin/progesterone issues in the past with RPN Havoc so I intend to have some Prami on hand. E2 hasn’t been an issue on my TRT dosage so don’t see a need for anastrazole or letro and Tren doesn’t raise E2 - correct me if I’m wrong.

I’ve read multiple cases of success pinning Tren A subq ED. The key to said success was limiting the injection to .5mL or less (50mg ED = .5mL). This would equate to 350 mg/week which would fall right within the mid range of what I’ve come across as the ‘recommended beginner cycle’ dosing. Advantages of subq are, reportedly, substantially decreased risk of Tren cough, more stable blood levels of Tren (therefore less sides, similar to any exogenous anabolic compound), no scarring (ED IM - idk how you guys do it) and for me - I already have like a billion insulin syringes for my typical TRT usage. Aside from prami while on cycle and perhaps taper off post-cycle, I do not have any PCT in mind given I have no endogenous test levels so to speak.

Please feel free to poke holes in my plan. I won’t be doing this cycle for probably another few months so I have plenty of time to read more and tweak.

Anybody? Bueller?

Why trenbolone specifically?

Boldenone would be easier on your body. As would nandrolone.

It was available to me and the best of what was available. I already have procured 5 vials (5000 mg in total) so the choice of which AAS to run has already been made.

So more of a ‘forced choice’ then eh, lol?

Be ready for insomnia (that will take away from muscular repair), irritability (that will take away from relationships), hyperhydriasis (that will wake you in the night in a pool of sweat) and loss of appetite.

Or maybe you will have a great cycle and reap solid gains - I sincerely hope so!

Personally I am ‘banned’ from running trenbolone. |I wish you the best.

Yes I’ve heard the sides aren’t the best but the results are exquisite. I’ve also heard that SubQ injections can greatly reduce the severity of the sides. I was hoping for some thoughts and input specifically on that. It’ll be some time before I run the cycle as I appear to have done something to my neck and, pending the MRI results, may have surgery on the C7 region soon.

Lol, you can’t maximise results when you can’t get decent rest.

SubQ is a good choice. Use an insulin pin.

C7 disk prolapse? Probably best to stay away from cycling gear all together.

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Thanks man that’s the plan. I currently use (I think) 28ga 1/2-inch .5cc syringes for my TRT. Takes a good 2 min or so to draw out the goods but man it kicks the crap out of 1.5inch IM. I hated that crap… Anyways, I’m speculating on the neck issue - we won’t know anything until I get an MRI. I’ve technically been on gear for 6, almost 7 years and have been lifting ‘heavy’ - relative term, (bench 300+, squat/dl 405+) for 10+ years. I’m not aware of any direct impact gear would have on the cervical spine? As for sleep, I think I’ve got that covered. 10 mg doxepin and a 3-4 Benadryl. I use doxepin anyways for more restful sleep but the addition of Benadryl has worked very well in the past when I’ve ran ECA. If it can handle the ECA, and of daily subq injections lessen the negative symptoms, hoping I’ll be alright. The nice thing about being on TRT is if I go down this path and can’t handle the sides I can just stop. I don’t have any endogenous test production that can be messed up.

Backfill the insulin pin. Saves a shitload of time.

Using gear allows you to squat/deadlift more, both of which heavily involve the neck musculature, leading to much greater compressive loading on the cervical spine and disks. Without a ‘full’ disk, you will approximate the bony structures, possibly leading to nerve compression and/or facet pain.

Squatting (if using a high bar carry position) can DIRECTLY compress C7.

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Yeah I’ve read as much…I’ve been able to squat ever since the weakness started. It’s in my right tricep, right forearm and right pectoral along with a dull achy pain directly below my right trap. If I tilt my head back, it hurts slightly. If I tilt my head back and roll it to the right, it hurts a little more. The crazy thing is, I didn’t “do” anything to cause this that I’m aware of. Any time I’ve injured myself I can ALWAYS trace it back to a specific moment. This just gradually developed from nowhere. It may have more to do with posture as I commute almost 2 hours a day, sit at a desk for 4-6 hours depending on how much I get out onto project sites, etc. I was most concerned when I went to bench press and 135 felt like 225, then I could only get 225 4 times and my right arm was shaking like crazy. Typically I can get 225 18-22 times depending on what I’ve eaten, level of fatigue, etc etc. Anyways man I didn’t want to delve too much into my injury. I’ll of course ask the doctor anything and everything related to lifting once we have more information from the MRI. If I have to alter the way I work out, I guess that’s just what I’ll have to do. I guess ultimately I’m just glad to hear that I’m not crazy considering Tren subq.

On another note, I have taken havoc/epistane in the past though it’s been years and years. I had some puffy nipps, lactation, etc. I learned later the complexities of gyno (I thought I was covering myself with nolva and letro on hand) and intend to run Prami alongside the Tren. Anything else I should be concerned about or have on hand? With the epi I ran several items for liver protection (and I can attest with bloodwork that without this, your ALT/AST WILL go up 2 fold) but as far as I can tell Tren doesn’t really impact the liver any more than other injectible AAS.

Just an update, I ended up being way more hurt than I thought. I now have C5-C6-C7 fused. The injury caused some neurological damage and severe atrophy in my right arm. I’m able to deadlift and squat with no issue but every other lift has been affected. Cycle plans are shelved until my nerves regenerate, which could be 6-12 months.

Sorry to hear that. Best of luck in your recovery.

Sorry about your injury. When you do go back realize that the beginning tren a dose is 50 mg eod to assess tollerance. 150 a week is all you need to begin.

I’m already working out, squatting 385 on first leg day and deadlifting 405 after only 3 back days in. I might as well ‘assess my tolerance’ now. What’s it going to hurt to run Tren for a few weeks at 150-175 mg a week? I’ve got 5grams of the shit just collecting dust and I’m on TRT; I can’t ‘shut myself down.’ Thoughts? May also help a little bit with the muscle atrophy. I don’t have total neurological damage where I can’t do the lifts, it’s just like…imagine a V8 only firing 2 or 3 cylinders. Tren could be like NOX lol

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It’s not going to hurt it running that dose since that’s the dose I suggested. You suggested 350 a week which is way different if you’ve never used it before. 150 for most people does the job well

It’s 2018 and people are still pinning tren EOD?

My intention all along has been subq ED

It may work a bit but your dick wont! :skull: