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First Training Plan Ever

DOes this look like a good program for a beginner? I want to gain some mass and I think it looks decent but I am a beginner so some feedback would be great. www.muscleandfitness.com/images/maf/209467/2299.pdf

I’d say it is decent, not amazing. Thing is, as a beginner, anything you do will yield good results, as long as your diet isn’t terrible. So read some articles on this site about diet/nutrition, because that will really make the biggest difference. And you could do that program if you’d like, or you could search for one of the many programs on this site. Good luck, train hard, eat lots!

That’s a LOT of volume, I would recommend doing something simpler and more effective.

My personal recommendation is to find basically one or two solid exercises per body part, and do a push/pull/legs split. Honestly if you are just starting out you’d be fine just focusing on one big lift per muscle group.

To be honest I don’t think that taking every other day off is a good idea for a beginner. Just hit it hard 4 days a week and take 3 off at the end, every other day makes you feel like you are constantly lifting.

Also if you are new to working out Why are you working out ? Do you have any goals or what ?
Give us some of your goals and maybe we can direct you what work outs favor others.

Okay good question. Well, I am 18 and I am going to bulk up a bit. I’m not one of those pussies who is affraid to gain some fat. In fact, I doubt anything I gain will be fat because I am very consistent and I am a VERY clean eater. Probably too clean. Anyways, I did cross country and I still plan on running so I know I am going to need even more calories.

I am about 133 pounds and 5’8 and I dont know what my body fat is but I certainly don’t look like I have any. But mind you I don’t really have any mass at all. I don’t get your first question though. “If I am new to working out, why am I working out.” I want to gain a few lbs???