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First Training Log


Hey Guys, I haven't trained strength in about 4 years and figured I would start up again. A little background info. I played football in high school and had decent strength numbers( 315 Bench, 545 squat, 285 incline, and 275 power clean), however after my final high school game I started training exclusively endurance because I planned on entering the military. Unfortunately a little over a year ago I got a medical discharge from the military because of a blood clot. I'm fine now, but obviously training several of years of endurance has dramatically changed my strength. Anyway to make a long story short I now want to improve my strength while also somewhat maintaining my endurance numbers (7:53 1.5mile run, 5:05 1 mile run, 121 push-ups in two minutes, 131 sit-ups in two minutes and 24 pull-ups). After reading several excellent articles on this website, I stumbled upon Alpha's workout log, which is inspiring to say the least so I will be found a variation of his workouts. First Workout: 5 rounds: 5x Squat @ 275 5x Bulgarian Split Squat per side( used 50# db), 10 ab rollouts. 5 rounds: 5x Bench Press@225 5x db rows per side( used 60#db's) 10x ab rollout 5 rounds 5x front squat@205# 5x db incline press( used 75# db's) 10x an wheel then 5 rounds of bear complex ( power clean, front squat, push press, squat, push press) do this 6 times which equals one rep. Worked up to 140# on this and then promptly felt like I was going to die. Somewhat humbling day as far as strength numbers, but I know I'll get better. If you read this entire thing thanks and I'll try to make sure future post aren't this long.