First Training Log on T-Nation

I started the V-Diet on Sunday of last week. I thought I would keep a log on here so that I could easily look back and see what I have done.

I started the V-Diet because I was eating pretty poorly since I started back school. I was not eating a lot and when I did eat it was not always the best. I figured the v-diet would help me get back on track and get back the discipline I used to have because it was an easy enough diet to prepare. I also wanted to lose some body fat around my lower stomach, chest, and love handle areas. I am a bit soft around the edges.

Here are my stats:

measurements in inches:
neck - 14
chest - 39
arm L and R - 13
stomach - 33
upper leg - L and R - 23.5

Some of my recent lifts before the v-diet:
Squat - 2x3x245, 1x1x245 (9/5/2011)
press - 3x3x125 (9/5/2011)
dead - 1x3x305 (9/7/2011)
bench - 3x4x205 (9/8/2011)
clean - 3x5x165, 2x5x155 (9/6/2011)

Weight when I started: 165