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First Track Meet in a While

Iâ??m competing in the 100m on Saturday.

This is my first race since I was at school, 2 years ago. I used to do well in the inner schools competitions. I have still been speed training and weight training, as well as playing rugby and football (soccer).

What I could with some advice on is my warm-up.
I will be going through a dynamic warm-up and then perform a couple of lights 10â??s and a tempo 30.

That is ok isnâ??t it?

But where I need the help is, how long before my race should I start my warm-up?
And how long should I have to wait around before my warm-up is finished?

At school there wasn’t much of a warm-up, just go out there and run.

Back when i ran in school, id warm up about 45 minutes prior to it, with a few block starts and some form running, But id quit about 10 minutes before the race to go stretch a bit and get some water in me.

find a club and a coach.

I remember my first meet. Oh man I was late to the meet so I really didn’t get to warm up as much as I wanted. I had to run the 4x4. Fucking brutal. I almost passed out, threw up, and was light headed/dizzy for like half an hour.

I have been reading Joe DeFranco’s stuff and been on elitetrack.com. And picked up some very useful advice.

I have trained with a coach and at a club before, Mandale AC. But recently I’ve been doing quite a bit of training on my own.