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First-Timers: Read This First

But just curious aren’t you using gear so you can lift more. And essentially compete to lift more weight then someone else and MAYBE win a trophy? You obviously aren’t making a living off it so wjay do you achieve? Self gratification the good feeling of having accomplished something. And people do this all the time naturally…

Thats the same thing people who use them to look and feel good get.


Competing in powerlifting is probably not a good reason. There is no serious money involved. You might just win a tub of protein powder or something. I know of people who have won $500 by winning a meet, but they spent more than that on the cycle and blood work.

Powerlifting gives you bragging rights to a sport that most people just think is weird.

I don’t think there is much of a difference between wanting a good body vs. competing in a basically no reward sport that is about bragging rights.

I am a PLer, and will most likely do a cycle, but it will be reasonable, and it will be because it is what I love.


You beat me to the punch on that one.

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Right! And even bodybuilding, I mean unless you’re an IFBB pro but even then I don’t think that those guys make enough money to justify using gear. I think they mostly make a living through coaching and sponsorship deals.

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I’d rather look amazing on the beach than be able to brag about picking up heavy weight, or brag about having the most symmetrical body on a stage.

We’re all doing this for one reason or another. Your reasons are no better than anyone elses.


Exactly! His reasons are his justification for using gear and possibly harming himself

Me personally I think it’s crazy to use gear for the sole purpose of picking up more weight that seems ridiculous. But I would never tell someone they are wrong for doing it because that’s their goals and what makes them feel good.

I use gear to look my absolute best because when I look good I feel good and when I feel good I look good.


Respect the opinions of everyone.

I have said my peace.

I used to think it was stupid as well. Then I tried it, and boy is it addicting. I can get a runner’s high from one heavy deadlift.

I also want to be more of the jacked powerlifter, than the husky one.

Oh I bet. People obviously do it for a reason. And I respect that if I was a power lifter I would def use gear to lift more lol I want to be the best or strive to be the best at whatever I do.

Great idea

Agree 100%. I never started until a medical diagnosis put me on it. I still believe unless you have a medical reason or there’s an ace card to play involving millions of dollars in sports or movies, I wouldn’t bother with them.

yeh, I’d’ve never experimented with anything had it not been for TRT. In Aus TRT standards aren’t great, while I’m on a solid protocol now, the first year… not so much.

I’m unsure if cannabis does shorten you’re lifespan if used occasionally, there isn’t much literature on the subject looking at the risks. I’d say if there’s a risk with regard to shortening one’s lifespan it’d have to be due to the cardiovascular risks (acutely increased BP+HR+ potentially proarrythmiac effect at extremely high doses or the carcinogens present in cannabis smoke, however a casual relationship between cannabis use and various types of cancer hasn’t been found… as of yet.

I’ve never gone over 2-3x normal male physiology, although recent bloods suggest I’ve potentially never gone above 1.5x normal physiology.

From statistics and/or meta-analysis looking at potential harms of AAS, I’d say the harm from chronic use is about as high as smoking cigarettes. A recent meta analysis found the risk of premature mortality amongst AAS users (rather large cohort within the analysis) over a period of 10 years to be 3 fold that of the general populace.

Mortality rates amongst tobacco smokers (heavy use, like 10-24 cigarettes per day) were 2-4x that of the general populace

Whilst causation of mortality may be somewhat different, AAS users generally won’t die from COPD, one can hypothesise the mortality rate between the two groups would be similar. Differences regarding follow up periods do exist, the AAS studies follow-up period was around 7 years compared to 4 from the tobacco study

The majority of deaths caused by AAS were LIKELY (paper doesn’t go over this) due to extensive cardiovascular disease, a similar pattern would probably be seen amongst tobacco smokers, cardiovascular disease, COPD, various malignancies (cancer) etc.

Furthermore I’d argue the long term effects on mortality are dose dependent. The guy using 150mg test and 100-150mg of whatever else is less likely to encounter serious long term complications than the dude running 1.5 g/wk. Lifestyle also likely plays a factor, a guy that works out 6 days per week, runs 4 kilometres per day and eats relatively clean while using AAS is probably less prone to premature mortality than the dude lifting 3x/wk only heavy lifting, no cardio, drinking on the weekends and using heavy doses of orals + injectables. That’s common sense though, there is likely a middle ground where risk/reward meets an equilibrium, the problem is we simply don’t know where that is.

My recent bloods on 200mg pharmacy Brought sustanon/wk found my TT 5-6 days post shot to be 19nmol (547ng/dl), with this in mind, would 300mg or even 350mg/wk be significantly dangerous for me in the long term??? I’m not sure, my HCT over the past 6 months has dropped, rather than increased, it appears at this current moment no abundant pharmacology is being created. Where am I going with this? I’d further make the hypothesis the dose of which harm is created and/or mortality is greatly increased is dependent on one’s genetics. I haven’t figured it out yet, however I’m certainly increasing my dose

I certainly agree anabolic steroids are absolutely harmful to one’s health, to a degree of which we don’t fully comprehend at the moment due to a lack of literature. Many studies on animal models regarding overt heart enlargement, while they do paint a broad picture, typically carry little significance due to the fact we have different antioxidant and elimination pathways when compare to rodent, rabbits and whatnot. on forums I’ve seen various butchers say “When I look at the hearts of the cows given trenbolone I’m glad I don’t take this stuff”, indicating a clear differentiation between the hearts of unenhanced and enhanced cows.

The literature we have regarding human subjects indicate adverse effects with regard to cardiovascular risk factors certainly exist, yet the significance of said studies is unknown. I’d argue one should (if using recreationally) errr on the side of caution, there’s certainly something to be said about AAS inducing adverse long term cardiac effects. Especially given the fact cardiac myocytes contain androgen receptors, much anabolic steroids hypertrophic stimuli is derived via interaction with the androgen receptor, furthermore the aspects of high blood pressure (induced by AAS), polycythemia, excess water retention (absent or concurrent with hypertension) all greatly increase stress placed on the heart.