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First-Timers: Read This First

Anyone remember Karate Kid? Remember when Mr Miyagi was showing Daniel his tapestry with the rules of karate? It applies to running your first cycle.

Rule 1. Beginners use Test only…

Rule 2. First learn rule number 1.

Lol…sorry I couldn’t resist.


Is it possible to pin this thread, so that every noobie can see it first?

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I might be in the minority, but I don’t think anyone should jump on the gear unless they are serious about competing.

The only reason I jumped on the gear is because I plan to have a long powerlifting competitive career ahead of me. That makes the risks worth it.

If you are a gym bro who works out after work and goes home, just don’t start tbh.

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I respect this opinion but I disagree. I think steroid if used properly can greatly improve the quality of one’s life.

Ofcourse when I say used properly I also mean understanding and accepting all the risk that are being taken.

Alcohol and Marijuana and other drugs that people use recreationaly can have negative side effects and if used in excess and can become problematic but used responsibly many people find enjoyment in them even if they are ultimately shortening their life span by using them.

I dont drink or smoke weed or anything these days buy I do find AAS to have made my home life and gym life much more enjoyable in comparison to the 10 years I lifted naturally. I’m also 100% aware of the strain I’m putting on my body and the potential of shortening my life. The thought of competing has crossed my mind I def have the build to do it but it’s not what interest me. I don’t use AAS so I can lift more then the next man or have a better body I use it for personal goals and how I feel.

I try not to judge other on their drug use as I believe we are all owners of our body and what we decide to do with them is up to us.

Therfore I try to give the most helpful advice on safety and use etc rather then just tell them not to use it. Because honestly most people have already made their mind up and they come to forums like this for guidance


I wouldn’t be using anything if not for trt. Once the threat of a poor recovery was taken away there were no barriers anymore. Trt is basically a gateway drug.


No offense, but this is an elitists type of mentality. I believe every man/woman makes their own choices as to what to put into their body. They will suffer the consequences to their decisions. One doesnt have to be at competition level or even wanting to compete in order to use a product/gear. At the same time I dont think gym rats need to be banging a gram or 2 of gear becuz they think they have some pro bodybuilder buddies. Not worth the risk plus they probably are not going to maintain the gains that are made from the gear unless they are blasting/cruising.


Love the smell of sarcasm in the morning.

LOL this is what literally got me back in the game. I was done with AAS for over 10 years and then I was put on TRT so I said ‘F it’.

What is the alternative after a workout for serious lifters? Go to another gym and workout more?" I kid… just came across funny


I believe an hour of in gym mirror flexing follows serious lifters

Sure, everyone is allowed to do what they want with their bodies. But why take harmful substances that WILL fuck you up sooner or later, depending on how unlucky you are, if you just want to workout and dont compete? If you go to the gym to improve your health, great, but you dont need steroids for that. Taking steroids to feel better or improve ones health just sounds like someone is trying hard to justify the use in the first place.

There is no such thing as being healthy on steroids or taking steroids to improve ones health. Absolute bollocks and people need to stop peddling this bullshit right now. The moment you go down the gear route, your health will gradually dwindle. Sure, you can take regular bloods, take your over the counter supps, and keep telling yourself your feeling great, but its a ticking time bomb with EVERYONE. No matter what genetic card you have been played. Time will tell. Everyone on gear will suffer at some point. Me included. I dont think people are really aware of this deep down inside. In the ecstasy of great workouts, people on gear usually forget that these great workouts come at a cost.

Going the gear route is a serious, life changing decision. You need a dam good reason to do this. Competing is a GOOD reason. Wanting to feel good and improve ones health is a SHIT reason.

This is my opinion anyways.

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Well it seems that you’re saying that competition justifies wrecking your health. If steroids are the only option when competing, and if they are as dangerous as you present them to be then competing is not worth it following the same logic.
I however disagree, while I do think that the abuse of AAS is lethal in the long run there certainly is a right way of doing things which can improve health.

Ever heard of TrT? Unless you are talking about the larger dosages only. TrT has changed my life. I have never used anything over 200mgs a week.

My point is, someone elses reasons shouldnt matter to you. You are a grown man who made a decision to use gear, that is your business. Where I get concerned is when guys are talking about using a gram or 2 a week on their 2nd cycle with the kitchen sink style cycle.
Our job here should be to guide/instruct from education and personal experience to others who are seeking reasonable advice. AND to clown the idiots who dont want to listen when they are given the advice.

TRT is not the same as jumping on the gear train. Sure, testosterone is great for overall health, we know that. Many men are deprived of normal testosterone levels. We can fix that. They go on TRT and if all goes well, they begin to function on a healthy dose of test.

But, with steroids, we are usually taking five to ten times the normal dose of test. Sometimes more. The body is not made to deal with that over the long term and no matter how much we justify the greatness of test. That much, is not good for us. You dont take multipliers of the normal human dose of test to feel good and improve health.

I hear your point about gym bros taking grams of shit. I agree entirely with you.

In my experience, being surrounded by competitors, they are more clued into steroid use than regular gym bros. They know the risks, but also know what it can do for their competitive careers.

Most gym bros I speak to usually just say: hey bro, I am taking a gram of test a week with some dbol chucked in to feel and look great and be on top of the world. Terrible.

I agree that there is no benefit of using over a gram of gear if the person is not a competitive athlete. But then again competitive bodybuilders are pretty much obliged to take high amounts of gear to level the playing field.
I don’t plan on competing (at least for now, probably would consider a men’s physique show later on) but I’m closing in on the decision to do a cycle, I also don’t mind winding up on TRT so there’s that. I hope i’ll be fine but I see life as a gamble game in all cases, and I think in the end it comes down to personal views and plans.

That’s like saying why go to the bar and drink unless your an alcoholic.

And for what it’s worth there is plenty of people that compete st a professional levels naturally. So that’s not reasonable justification for steroid use it’s just what your using as justification and rationalizing the risk.


I just think people need a better reason to use steroids than: yeh bro, cause I wanna look and feel good. There are so many changes people can make to achieve these very things without resorting to gear.

At least, if someone comes to me with this reason, I will never support it.

But, if you want to compete and push the limits, then yes, we can consider it.

I feel like the only reasons to use steroids is for feeling good and looking good. Even if you talk about competing and what not, competitors need just that … good feelings and good looks.

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I understand everyone’s entitles to thier opinion.

Personally I would never promote steroid use in anyone professional or not or any other drug for that matter. I will however help someone to the best of my ability if they have already made the choice to use gear.