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first timer

hey fella’s
I plan to start my first cycle in about 2 weeks, consisting of test and deca. And i have several questions… ok to begin with when should I take an anti-estrogen supplement? how many mg a week should I use? how long is to long to stay “on” for my first cycle? And how much of a weight gain am I looking at? any knowledge passed on would be greatly appreciated thanks

(j, j, j…okay, first things first. Here, put this flame-retardant suit on…and don’t forget the helmet because there’s going to be a host of people smacking you upside the head for not doing more research before asking questions.

I have no actual experience with steroids, but I have witnessed a dozen “first timer” posts like yours and I know how most of them are responded to. As a good start to weather the storm, you might try a search over there to the left
Good luck.

I pray to God that you are not starting anything within the next two weeks except starting to put more effort into resaerching what you are going to put into your body. Find the steriod newbie thread; scratch that go to the training/nutrion forum and beg TT to rip apart your current training and diet programs. Then set some goals and do some more research and in then come back and talk with the vets when you have a more specific idea of what you want to pump into your self and how you are going to recover from it.
almost sorry at my bluntness.

start here on the boad with the steroid newbie thread. from there read all you can on the matter for about 6 months. after that post what you would like to run and we will help fine tune it.

Remember these are drugs you are putting in your body NOT SUPPLEMENTS! You should know everything you possible can about these, including dosages e.t.c before you put them in your body. I will second what drago1 said: go have a read through the steroid newbie thread it is very informative! P-22

Always, always, always take anti-estrogens. Don’t take them and I promise that I will see you with the elephants at the local carnival. Test and Deca will blow you up like a balloon my friend. Trust me. Been there, got forking fat. Believe it or not Arimidex will lean you up a bit when you take in Test and Deca together. If you cannot get Arimidex, at least get some Nolvadex. All you need is to take .25mg of Armimdex every other day or Nolva everyday at 20mg. The last thing you want or any of us want around here is for a forum writer to have a set of 44DD’s. If you are going to play with anabolics, DO IT RIGHT!
If I were you I would do the following:
8week Cycle:
Test: 250mg/week
Deca: 200mg/every 4 days(mon/fri-etc…)
Arimidex: .25mg EOD
Nolva: 20mg/day

Post Cycle:
Nolva 40mg/day for weeks 1-2
Nolva 20mg/day for weeks 3-4
Use a Liver Detoxifier everyday. Please!!!

Keep your nutrition on the level and you should gain 15-20lbs of steel. If you can change out the Deca and opt ofr Equipoise. You will love it my friend.

The Scorp

Scorp was close but I would change few things. You should never have more deca than test in a stack like this. You will kill your libido and generally feel shitty. Double the test to 500mg a week and 10mg a day of nolva would be preffered. Nolva is a potent anti-e in some area’s of the body but acts as an estrogen in other parts. This keeps off gyno but helps your cholesterol ratios. I am finishing a similar cycle (400mg/wk deca, 500mg/wk test for 10 weeks, 40mg/day winny tabs weeks 8-12), and have gained about 16lbs so far while lowering my bf by 2%. Add the winny at the end if you can, it will harden you up and help maintain your gains.

Actually For the libido’s sake it doesn’t matter how much deca you do, as long as you take in a little test you should be fine! remember 98% of all naturally produced test is bound. We manage to get erections on a mere 2% so, while on deca just as long as you include a little test or regular HCG injections, you should be fine. P-22

just out of curiosity do alot of you guys use something like winny tabs towards the end of your cycle to harden up what other drugs do this

After a bad experience with Deca, you’ll be better to always use a little more test than Deca. Some like P-22 only need a small shot of test to maintain a healthy libido. However, if you are like most you’ll need a 2:1 test/Deca. This will help you prevent the unwanted Deca Dick that Deca is known for. Also, I like to drop Deca toward the end of the cycle and substituted with Primo and winny, while still running test. Don’t forget your anti-estrogen. This should do it for a first timer.

man, that seems like some good advice, thanks a lot. and for that guy who said i need to read the newbie thread, who has all that much time for all that reading and research? naaa just kidding i will read up and thank for all the advice! later

its your body bro. i only try to prevent you hurting yourself. at the end of the day you have to live in it.

E-machine is correct! everyone reacts differently to gear! another important thing to remember with deca is to run test out longer than the deca. And If worst comes to worst and your feeling shitty, grab some cialis, that will make you feel much better about yourself.

My experience with deca is that if its kept under 8 weeks it isn’t the horrible stiffy killer that its been characterized as. Do the test with it at at least 1:1 ratio. Stay on the test for a couple weeks beyond the deca use hcg at 500iu every third day throughout. Arimadex ABSOLUTELY. And take a shitload of clomid for about a month or so after clearance. Actually I might use it for up to two months after all but thats just me. And I would keep the entire cycle to no more then 8 weeks. Just my .02