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I’m in college and just joining the rugby team. I’ve been working out for about 3 years now and made significant gains with protein, diet, and a few supplements here and there. Recently I’ve been heavily researching anabolic steroids on the internet, in books and magazines, and most important, other persons experiences. I’ve aquired a good sense of what’s out there and what might work for me. I’m almost 100% sure that I will go through with it, I’m just not sure what to take. At the top of my list is Deca. My main reasons are it’s supposedly the safest out there, with the best ratio of results to side effects. Also the water retention will help out my rugby game cause I will feel less pain. Second on my list is Finaplix (trembolone acetate). Some of you might be wondering why this and not test or sustanon, but I have a buddy who got on it, and his muscle gains and fat loss is incredible. He injected it–he said rubbing in on his skin got old. It’s a bitch to make but he said it’s worth it. My concerns with Fina are that people say it’s highly potent and not a good beginner’s steroid, plus the debate on whether or not it’s harmful to the kidneys. Sustanon and Test cypionate are still in the picture but I don’t wanna mess around with anything that will aromatize–just yet. That’s my story-- I’m new here and any of your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

first of all you say you have been reading up on aas, i would say you havent read anyting on this site. do a search on deca on the search engine. you will find the exact opposite of what you stated. i suggest you start reading the articles here and the forums then come back and repost.

P-dog, no I haven’t read the articles on this site, but I have read up on the subject at about 1000 other websites, and what they have to say–by they I mean an array of people (i.e. doctors, cscs trainers, experienced users) all hit the same notes in their reports. Now, if you were telling me to read the articles to get more users experiences, then thank you. But to me it sounds like you believe this website has all the answers-- some, actually most of which are biased. So, please try to make it constructive criticism and a little more helpful next time instead of trying to make me look like I’m clueless. Any other people’s responses are more than welcome.

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The honest answer that the other guys are aluding to is that a combo of Fina and Deca without any Test included will likely give you a limp dick. May people experience this side effect with Deca and also somewhat often with Fina. In my opinion some form of Test should always be included in a stack. If possible water retention and Estrogen conversion is a concern then acquire Arimidex and take 1/2 mg per day. This should counteract the estrogenic effects of Test aromatization.

Additionally, Fina is great in its effects but it is also not a panacea. If you get the chance review some of the other compounds that are out there and determine if some of the others may not serve your objectives better.


This is a link to an article you should read first! I copied it from my response to another newb’s q’s.

Juicer’s SAT

You still have reading to do…

the only thing that you said in your original post that has any merit whatsoever is that tren is a good drug. you might want to reconsider your sources of info.

actually scratch that, i recommend that you use 300mg of deca for 24 weeks pyramid up and taper down. youll be ripped in no time!!!

lol pdog… you are really hooking this guy up! ok here goes an honest answer.deca is by no means the best steroid with the lowest sides. it has a history of being the source of the worst kind of side. deca dick. the inability to maintain an erection. we dont take kindly to that around here since we all fuck like porn stars on X. ok to get you pointed in the right direction. if mass is your goal then start with some form of test based cycle. doesnt matter if its cypionate, enanthate, or sustanon. at the beginners stage these are all essentailly the same thing. just slightly different esthers(sustanon being a blend). the test will take care of the bulk. now you need strength. tren is far and away the best strength steroid on the market IMO. it is rediculous for anyone to suggest that a newbie shouldnt use it. thats the best time. i did on my first cycle and absolutely loved it. finally if you want to top it off first class, you have to go with dbol. makes for a very nice kickstart. the dosages i would suggest would be something like the following. weeks 1-8 test at 750mgs/wk (with a 1.5g front), tren at 75mgs/ed, wks1-6 dbol at 30-40mgs/ed. i am on this cycle now at heavier dosages and can vouch for it as i have done it several times in the past. best stack out there for strength and muscle mass. now to take care of the water retention and gyno. use arimadex throughout your cycle at .5mgs/eod. keep nolvadex on hand incase the adex is misdosed. get 60 tabs of 50mg clomid. run this post for recovery. you have just been hooked up. if you train and eat right i promise you serious gains.

I actually sat in a chair and punched myself in the dick for the entire time that I read this thread. Boss, if you are going to come to this site and be blatantly ignorant you better at least be respectful or no one will help you. On a further note, what the hell would a CSCS know about steroids. I’ve read the CSCS material and taken the tests, not one word of AAS is mentioned in the entire educational protocol. In addition… all you named was a shit load of androgenic drugs… if you’re stacking, where the hell is you anabolic? Or do you not know the difference? I find it hard to believe that any doctor would reccomend deca being that it has some of the most adverse sexual sides of any drug made today. Furthermore, no doctor would ever fucking talk about a steroidal reccomendation and jeapordize their practice. Get the fuck off the forum and quit wasting our time. If you want… see the thread “steroid newbie”, make a new posting name, and come back when you have an intelligent question that needs answering.

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one more thing, I’ll bet any of you to goto as many website on aas and see what there is to say on nandrolone deconoate and then come back and tell me im lying. Squatty, sounds to me like you have a serious problem.

No he just doesn’t like retards who ask the same question, and then get offensive when people tell them they’re wrong. Deca is highly overrated, and about 90% of the people I know who took it thought they were taking it because its so “safe”. About the same 90% couldn’t get wood if Selma Hyek was asshole nekkid on all fours in front of them in a kiddy pool filled with hot coconut oil and a speculum up her twat.

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