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First Timer

24 YO
201 lbs
Bench 275x2
Squat 375x1
DL 475x1
2 years training Consistently



dem dere delts be on my mindz now

I feel like someone’s just going through threads and giving everybody a ‘1’. Your rating is way lower than it should be (was a 4 when I posted this, I just bumped it to 4.7). You actually look better than what your numbers indicate. Everything looks balanced, back and quads are strong points. Keep up the good work!

Very good build overall, I’m jelly of your quads!

Appreciate the critiques! This was 2 months ago. I have since been slowly cutting and will post current photos soon!

Hope you don’t mind me asking Trevor, but have you used any gear? Not important one way or the other, just curious as you’ve built quite a base in only 2 years of consistent training!

I have never used any gear but thanks for asking!! I have always been a gym rat with football and everything but as of the past couple years have started getting my diet under control and the partying has slowed down. Its amazing what a little more rest and consistency will do.

looking good.

How far apart were the Back and BDB pics taken?