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First Timer


So, I'm not new to this board. In fact I'm a regular poster on here I'm just using a different name for anything related in this area of the boards for obvious reasons. Anyway, onto what I cam here to post for. I'm in the process of getting my goodies now but I decided I'd post and lay out my first cycle. Pretty simple and I plan to create a log here too when I start it.

Here it is:

Weeks 1-10: Test E 250mg E3D
Weeks 3-10: 20mg Nolva ED
Weeks 4-8: Dbol 30-40mg ED

PCT: Weeks 13-17 40/40/20/20 Nolva

Now the only problem I have is I'm starting this cycle so late. Most likely won't actually start till Mid-End february. I like to cut and be lean for the summer time but I know if I do this cycle I'll be pretty big. And I'm not going to start a cut immediately after PCT because I want time for the muscle to mature. I'm just going to say fuck it though and continue my bulk and run this cycle if everything goes well.

5'10" 208lbs
Age: 21

Bench: 330
Squat: 275x10
Deadlift: ?? Was 430 before I went on a 4 month Hiatus with a lower back injury. Will start doing them again soon.


Test/Bol seem fine... (Look in to frontloading perhaps?)

Replace the Nolva for an AI

What I have found is that while on cycle I look a little puffy (even with an AI) post cycle I lose a pound or two of water weight and look leaner. If your diet is in check, you should not have to worry about being a blob for the summer. (Assuming you arent one now)


So how does .25mg Adex EOD sound weeks 2-10 instead of the Nolva?

And no not a fat blob now lol. Diet is definitely in check. About 12-13% BF now probly.


ya i dont like tho novla ED during, will hinder your gains. and as far as the adex everyones a little different its hard to tell exactly without bloodwork, but that sounds like a good place to start.

And i'll atest to him not being a blob, very good starting base. you should be good to go on cycle or not for the summer bub.


no reason why you cant take a'dex .25mg ed.
this is not a huge dose and shouldn't lower your E too low.

watch for common symptoms of high and too low Estrogen and adjust based on how you feel.

But IMO ED is better
hang onto the nolva until PCT

Difference between the AI and the serm

AI- stop the enzyme ,aramotase from converting Test to Estrogen,meaning it will lower your total E level

Serm- basically blocks the receptors in certain tissues, like the breast and prostate. You will still have the aromatase action and high estrogen causing other side effects like mood swings, bloating and such but it will not effect the tissues causing gyno.

The idea is to keep your test up and your E low by using an AI and then after your off when your test drops and you have high estrogen rebound then you would use the Serm to minimize the effect on certain tissues until your natural hormones come back to a stable level.


Haha, I'm the same as you wrt a second account.

Cycle looks good with the adex correction. It can take a little while to kick in btw, but it'll be working by the time you start the all-mighty dbol week 4.

Frontloading, dbol-timing... these things can be debated and people have their personal preferences, but you've obviously given this some good thought.


Yeah I want the test to be fully kicked in when I start the Dbol. Get the best of both worlds.


if thats the case, start d-bol about 1-2 weeks into the test shots. dont wait a whole 4 weeks

trust me on this, you will love the way you feel on D'bol.

that gives you a couple weeks to feel the d'bol and then when the test kicks in your in for the ride and ready to rock.
this is one option.

so d'bol weeks 2-3 instead of week 4

also it might not take a whole 4 weeks to feel test Enth thats a general time frame but no where set in stone
you could feel it sooner or later
I feel it after about week 2 myself and then its a steady upward climb till I peak around week 5 or so which is where the gains start.