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First Timer to Steroids

I have been training for many years and have made some good gains in both size and strength. I feel I have hit a plateau and want to try a cycle of Dianabol. I have a friend who is experienced in the feild of bodybuilding. He has trained and competed for many years and I consider him trust worthy. He recomended Dianabol for 5-6 weeks and then follow with Winstrol-V for 4 weeks.

I’m not sold on the Winny injections but I did decide to give D-bol a chance. I bought 150 5mg pills and had a schedule recomended to me.

“Take 2 first thing in the morning, 2 approx 4 hrs later and 1 around supper.”

This would start me off at 25mg a day, and this concerned me. I am new to this type of supplementation, and my body is reactive to new substances administered.

I’ve read a lot of articles about a beginners path and have encountered mixed suggestions. Some say start big, using 25mg-30mg a day and suggest varying admin times. 2-2-2, 1-1-1-1-1-1

Others suggest allowing your body to adjust slowly by starting at 15mg a day and work up to 25mg/day.

I want to get as many gains as possible with as little side effects as possible considering the drugs used.

I am comfortable with taking 20mg/day but don’t know how they should be taken. 1 every 3-4 hrs…2-2, 2-1-1

Any suggestions?..I have already begun the 2-1-1 but I am willing to adjust that if there is a better way.
Oh yeah…I train at night.


Every 4 hours is generally the recommended dosing scheme as that somewhat aproximates the half life of the drug. I’ve heard of people taking it all in the morning, so i guess it depends on what works best for you.

With a straight dbol cycle i really hope you have an anti estrogen and no big hopes to retain much of your size.

[quote]justinp wrote:
With a straight dbol cycle i really hope you have an anti estrogen and no big hopes to retain much of your size.


What would you suggest if someone wanted to retain size post-cycle? How about in an oral form?

The problem with dbol is that it aromatizes quite heavily. People who use this drug exclusively generally find that while on, they puff up quite dramatically and have an equally impressive increase in strength. However, the increased size is largely due to water retention.

Couple with that the fact that dbol converts to estrogen readily, thus leading to fairly rapid supression of natural testosterone production and you have a recipe for a less than teriffic cycle. You will likely go through a “crash” phase coming off as dbol is out of the system fairly quickly, leaving you with very low testosterone levels while you wait for your natural production to be restored.

Oral only cycles are markedly less effective than a cycle combining orals and injectibles. One of the few strictly oral cycles i’ve heard of people having success with is one of Winstrol and Anavar. The two drugs are used two weeks on and two weeks off. You obviously cant expect miracles from this, but it is a minimally supressive cycle that will not give you issues with estrogen. This cycle is more of a strength or cutting cycle. It would not be my choice for mass.

If you are seriously considering using steroids, you should be considering injectibles. They are quite simply more effective. Almost all injectibles can be injected with an insulin syringe, which is an extremely thin needle and it hurts not a lot more than a mosquito bite. If a good deal of mass is what you are looking for, you should be looking to injectibles. There are all kinds of great cycles posted around here, just check around a bit.


Oral only cycles are never that effective. As far as retaining gains, winny or primobolan would be better as there is 0 chance in keeping little if any gains from a methandrostenolone only cycle.

take boldenon undecylate and mix the 200mg/ml into an equal amount of olive oil. now you have 100mg/ml homebrew boldenon version of andriol. dose is 1-2ml with each meal (absorption is 10% max) so a 2 ml dose is up to 20mg absorbed and released over 3-5 hours roughly. i find if i take more than 1.5 ml my blood pressure rises as the body at that moment senses that the intake is at a rate of 800mg a week. i tried 1ml with the first five meals or 4 times 1.5ml with 50 mg winny orally at night. there was quite a change in two weeks, but i was pumped from day 1.

Or you could just inject it… :stuck_out_tongue:

i use for athletic performance enhancement. there are testing issues involved. with my protocol, i can be sure i am clean a month later and i retain gains very well, only my recovery rate is slower so i do less volume, higher frequency, high intensity while off. i also do 2 weeks only and try to keep natural production at full tilt all the way through. i realize this is not practical for some people who want huge mass increases, but the attempt to minimize side effects and disruptions to natural production should be paramount.

as for the boldenon you could inject the 200mg/ml no problem, works great for longer cycles, need 10 times less ;). but the mixed version is oral only.