First Timer - Test Cyp 600mg/wk

Been on this site for many many years now and just decided to go with my first cycle. Only thing I’ve ever had before was back when Mag-10 was a prohormone… (young and dumb - lost everything because of no ‘PCT’). Anyways, stats below…

Not sure body fat, but 17" arms cold

Just pinned first time yesterday. Have a question or 2…

Going with Test Cyp @ 2 x 300mg per week (deciding whether to go 10 or 12 weeks)
.5 Arimadex first day, .25 every 3 days after
PCT Nolva 40/40/20/20

Question 1: How important would it be to add HCG? Was considering adding the last week & running until Nolva
Question 2: Will Alpha Male prevent natural production completely shutting down if I run entire cycle? I know it stimulates LH and FSH release, but wasn’t sure if it’s useful while ‘on’

Thanks in advance