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First Timer, Need Some Advice

Hey nation, this is my first time ever actually posting and not just hovering. I was thinking f starting up a cycle of sus-250 and I just wanted to know if anybody can provide some insight on dosages. The servings are in “amps” I believe which I would deduce is the equivalent of 10 ml?

I would also like to add that I am 5’10 about 212 and sitting at 19-21% bf I want to run my first cycle to finish gaining the 20 or so pounds and end my b ulk that I have been on for almost a year now( started off at 165 11%

My desired cycle:
sus-250: 300-500 mg depending on how I react to it

Pct: arimidex(intra)



Please do enlighten

Sustanon seems to have two injection theories, eod focusing on the short acting esters or 2-3 days week focusing on the long esters. I used sus at twice a week and never noticed any difference. Remember, sus was designed for trt and providing consistent levels of test over time.

Read the stickies on dosages, etc,. A test only cycle is the best intro to AAS. It is hard to fuck up once you do the most basic research.

You are not going to “react” at 500 and not 300. Except of course, 300 is modestly more than a trt dose which is great since you are shutting down your natural production so you will end up where you started.

Appreciate it bruh, I was thinking of doing Test-e first and I had been doing some research and sus came off to me as more desirable, but I may just end up sticking with the test-e being that this is my first time