First Timer. Need a Little Bit of Help

Hey there,
I’m 26 years old, 200 lbs, and 6 feet tall. I have been working out and dieting for a while now. I decided to kick things up a notch and try steroids for the first time. I read all over the web for information regarding cycles and pcts then I came to this conclusion:
8 weeks of Testosterone Enanthate
500 mg per week, 250mg on Sunday and 250 mg on Wednesday.
I also thought of including Stanozolol in the cycle.
Does this look right or I got it wrong?

For pct I thought of taking Nolva 2 weeks after my last injection and run it for 2 weeks.
Also thought of taking 1 mg of Arimidex every other day during the cycle.

I’m here to learn and benefit from your experience. Feel free to criticize me. Thanks <3

What’s your bodyfat. What can you lift? What’s your personal reason for wanting to use steroids?

Your cycle plan is too short. You should plan for 12-16 weeks.

My body fat percentage is in the range of 15-18 %. I don’t know what you mean by “what can you lift?” but I do train with high volume and high intensity till exhaustion every training session. My reason for wanting to use steroids is to have a developed body better than i have now and also to lose some body fat in the process.

I mean what can you lift dude. Dear God, tell me you can come up with an answer to this question on your own.

Lol, relax man!
I haven’t tried to 1 rep max but i can bench press like 135 lbs for 6 reps. deadlift around 150 lbs for 10 reps and squat 110 lbs for 12 reps.

Go away.

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Well, thanks!

Whatever you do, don’t take 1mg anastrozole EOD lol. You’ll be hating life

Teach me, please xD

I would do at least 10 weeks, 12 is better.

This is not necessary. This drug has a reputation for joint pain, and bad effects on mood / libido. If I was going to add an oral it would not be winny. I don’t think you should add an oral as just running 500 mg of test is going to do quite a bit.

3 weeks is better.

Most will recommend running nolva at 40, 40, 20, 20mg/day (4 weeks total, so 40 mg a day for the first week, 40 mg a day for the second week, 20 mg a day the next week…)

It is better to wait to see if you need it. If you do need it, I would start much lower than that dosage. I would personally start at .25 mg on your injection days. Crashing your E2 is not fun.

Intensity in the context of lifting refers to how close you are to your max weight. It is not really possible to lift high volume and high intensity. I think by intensity you mean putting in high effort.

This needs work before using steroids. You will gain plenty of size just bringing up your lifts. You really are jumping the gun here. Not everybody has the same potential for strength as everybody else, but you can make a lot of progress naturally. Many recommend the 5/3/1 program (I haven’t done it, but I have to assume with how many recommendations it gets it likely works).

Setting lifting numbers for AAS is a bit silly as everybody is different, but you are a 6’ 200 lb man, so I can at least give you minimum numbers (assuming you have poor genetics). You should be able to at least bench 225, squat 315, and deadlift 405 before hopping on.


6ft 200lbs benching 135 and squatting 110, I’m going out in a limb here and assuming you’re probably decently over 20% BF. It would be tough to be 15% BF and 200lbs without having the muscular strength to bench 225, or at least close.

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Please try to teach yourself more before jumping into anything. There are 100’s of threads on these forums for First Cycle Help. Dont take things so personally, people are going to bust your balls especially if you are not ready for gear.

You are a grown man, you make your own educated decisions.

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I would lower your ai dose.
0.5 mg every 2-3 days. In fact for the ai , the best way is to do a sensitive estradiol test and adjust from there.
I would kick out the winstrol. If i want to use oral, i would add anavar 40 mg or proviron 100mg, which i deem unnecessary in a beginner cycle.
I would actually inject every other day instead of every 3.5 days.
After your last Testosterone injection, i would wait at least 3 weeks before i start pct.
I would include hcg in the pct. 1st week 2500 iu. 2nd week 2500 iu .
I would start the nolva at the beginning of the 2nd week. I would do the usual 40402020 (4 weeks), if too heavy then do 202020202020 (6 weeks 20mg)

If i had extra cash i would also use hcg starting 3rd week, 500 iu weekly stopping 1 week before the final test shot date.

The duration is okay for a beginner cycle, but if I didn’t gain anything much, i would add the length to 10 weeks.