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First Timer Lost


I know that some of you will not like this post, but i hope to get some good direction. Im 18 years old and a football player. I hope to be playing Div 1 Football in the Fall. the school that offered me a partial ride is happy with my stats as an athelete. Their main concern is that they told me they want me to pack twenty pounds on by July Aug.

Im 5 10 and weight 164, i have been lifting for about a year and a half. I have tried every protein i can to gain size i cannot. I will be playing inside slot or half back. I dont have anybody that can help me with this I will be going to Tijuana this weekend to try to get some HgH to try to pack on size, I have done research i cannot find anywhere, of how much to take or what to take with it or how long.

If anybody can help me i would appreciated i dont want to go completely blind down there. But i must do it only way to go to college. I ne


You don't need anything but knowledge. Knowledge on nutrition and training. At 18, you have so much growth hormone and testosterone floating around your body, it's absurd. Sounds like a massive waste of money and time. Find a heavy training regiment and eat REAL solid foods every few hours.

No protein powder or bunk mexican gh is going to aid in your quest for 20 pounds by August. However, a costco membership, some creatine, and and alot of forum reading will.


By this I take it you mean you've tried every protein supplement? In what quantity?

How many calories and how many grams of protein are you eating a day?

I know someone who was taking over 2 grams of gear a week and gained less than 20LB's in a year because he ate nowhere near enough, and yes he is an idiot.

AAS aren't magic potions that make size appear from nowhere, you won't get bigger with or without AAS unless you know how to eat.


Anyone can gain size from food, anyone. You just have to aim to eat over your maintinence, which will be very high for you because your young and expend alot of calories playing football. Below is my current maintinence calories(3,100), but since your 164# it should put you a good 300-400cals over. I would eat more carbs than what is provided below because your alot more active.

This below will cost you 81$ a week if you shop only at costco.

And please dont go to the hgh, it hardly adds mass, only keeps you lean.

Meal #1
1C Oats 10
10 Egg Whites

Meal #2
6 Eggs
1C Black Beans


Meal #3 PWO
Scoop Waxy
2 Scoops Whey

Meal #4
8oz Steak
1C Rice

Meal #5
8oz Tuna
1/2 Avo 1.5

Meal #6
8oz Chicken
1C Black Beans

Meal #7
1c cottage cheese
1 scoop casein


You got the "lost" part right. HGH won't pack 20 pounds on you.

READ THE STICKIES, and learn how to eat. Don't worry about eating low fat, low carb, you need calories, lots and lots of calories.




This is my final post in this thread but I'll share Dorian Yates' take on AAS and eating...

Imagine your body is a building site

Imagine your natural test levels are the workers

Imagine food is the bricks and building supplies

The workers cannot build without bricks, or build at a good rate without sufficient bricks and building supplies

Taking AAS is like adding more workers

Not eating more is like hiring more workers to work on your building site but not giving them more bricks and materials to build with.

The moral of the story?....


Every worker needs a break for lunch?


Budda i keep agreeing with you more and more every post. I was LITERALLY about to put the same post you just did haha!

Anyway, OP I've been lurking on this post since it first started and was hoping that you'd get some good advice (which you ABSOLUTELY have). I contemplated AAS at your age, and im sure countless other members have as well. It's just not worth it. Especially GH. SUCH a waste.

Although I'm almost positive you'll do it anyway, I'm STRONGLY suggesting you don't. Not only are you still able to grow naturally, this way, when you DO do AAS at a later age, you'll see some pretty INSANE gains.




OP youre an idiot.

If youre as lazy as you sound, you should hire a bodybuilding nutritionist and tell him/her your goals. Then follow a training program that makes you a better athelte/football player.

Very simple and should cost about what the GH would have cost.


Thanks for all the responses guys i really appreciate it. I had to break down and talk to my father about this and he just about broke it off on my ass. He also saying the same thing too young to be putting any of that stuff in me. said the same eat more, up my calorie intake and throw heavy iron. Still unsure. Dont want to loose this opportunity. again thanks for the post and the direction. Will keep you posted


Dude...that's 7-8 months from now.
YOu could put on that 20lbs naturally by the end of the winter. You just have to eat.
Eat every chance you get. Don't count calories, just eat. Even if you aren't hungry eat. When you are done eating and you have finished your plate of food; proceed to wash it down with a protein shake.
Lift hard, heavy and often.


20lbs in 8 months.
2.5lbs a month.
.6lb a week.

You want to do a cycle to manage that? GTFO.

You're 18, an idiot and God damn, need your old man to whoop your arse and start feeding you.

5' 10" and 165lb, you must look like a broom handle.