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First Timer Here


Hey guys and gals(if there are any in here) I just joined the thread, but have been a reader for some time. Hope to help some people with my knowledge and gain some more along the way.
Thanks for having me.


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Oh yeah? What's their best album?


They are all great my friend. Each one is a progression to the next. Are you a fan?


Yep. And I know what your sayinga bout their records.

Opiate - Disturbing/ Trying to grasp and understand one's world

Undertow - Still disturbing / Initial stages of grasping and dealing with one's world

Aenima - Undeniably dealing with one's world, a beginning to understand what is going on and possibly why

Lateralus - Coming full circle, having dealt with issues. stepping back and putting a purpose to the suffering an celebrating a whole new world of positives.

WHich leaves me to pose this question. What now? I'm eagerly awaiting the new one, although I'd have to say I'm taking it better than I thought I would.


I couldn't have put it better myself underdog. Great interpretation...you really are a fan. I am with you man, I can't wait for this next one as well. I don't know what to expect either. All I know is that it is gonna be great. I think it will be released early 06, just in time for a summer tour. All we can do is wait patiently and know that it will be worth it.


You forgot Salival...my personal favorite :wink:


Hell yeah it will be well worth it...I love Perfect Circle but it just doesn't compare to Tool. It's just diffrent. I saw Tool in concert about three years back and I still don't think I'm the same. He left that audience feeling empowered and wanting to change their life...At least that's the way I took it. Maynard is just such an interesting, sick, confusing, intelligent, and intriguing guy and it comes out in his music.


Great point Kael, Salival is a great album Push it live is absolutely amazing. Did you ever hear it live and in person? Lostinthought, you are not kidding, they are amazing live. I have been to many concerts and nothing compares to Tool. I try to see them at least 3-4 times when they are touring. It is just an undescribable experience. APC is also great. It is nice to see the band expand to other realms. I think it helps to bring a whole new perspective on what they do with Tool's music. I hate that it takes so much time for a new album, but I respect the fact that they want to make it perfect and leave no stone unturned. The side projects and live stuff are nice appetizers before the main course.


No, unfortunately I never had the opportunity of hearing them live in person. However, I will be sure to grab tickets if they tour again after the release of their new album.


Yer right, Salival just seemed to slip my mind...I still don't know which version of Pushit I like better, that's Tool for ya. Progressing yet never outdoing themselves. What a rare and refreshing paradox.

I got the chance to see them live in Fresno 11/22/02. I believe it was the last show of the tour.

It does take patience to wait for their material, but on an upside you really don't get tired of any of their records no matter how many times they are played.

Any of you guys registered at Toolarmy?


this belongs in the off topic forum.....since its been turned from an intro thread into an "i love tool more than life thread". hijacks suck.


Actually you're right. This should've been posted in the off topic forum. BUt the guys brand new and probably didn't know any better. He just posted to say hi, then we started talking about Tool. I knew the hate brigade was coming. Youre right juice, hijacks do suck.