First Timer Flying Solo

I assume that even though I’m experiencing most, if not all, of the signs and symptoms of low testosterone that it’s an unwise choice to simply start injecting myself with test-c and hope for the best…

I don’t have a ton of money so the boutique clinics are out.

Any advice on flying solo?

Umm probably start with blood tests…


Low thyroid hormones and adrenal issues can mimic low-T. Best to start with blood testing.

If your GP is blowing you off, you can always get the blood tests at Discount Labs.

My doc barely makes eye contact. He’s more interested in trying to put me on statins than T replacement. I’ll look into Discount Labs. Thanks.

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I should have prefaced with lifestyle changes…

Fix your sleep, reduce stress as much as possible, and improve your diet. Do this for a month or two and see if symptoms resolve. If they don’t, then blood tests and/or finding a TRT provider (Defy isn’t that expensive, but self-treatment would be less expensive if money is really tight).

My doctors are pushing statins on me every visit and my lipids are normal. That must be where the money is at for them.

TRT treats and prevents disease and is so hard to get. Those on TRT are less likely to need drugs in the future than someone not on TRT and have less serious complications in an emergency situations and recover faster from hospitals and physical therapy.

Thos is bad news for big pharma.

Thats not a reason to ‘fly solo’ with an unscripted and highly illegal substance (at least in the US). Definitely do the right thing. Get your own labs. Then… if labs indicate an issue bring them to a competent doc.

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Sounds like you have health insurance. Might have to try a couple but you can definitely find a doctor who will run the tests and look into this for you.

how old are you ?

Did that. Eating clean and lifting heavy. Counting macros by the gram and still unable to lose fat. In bed by 10 and up at 6.

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I just turned 49.

In my opinion absolutely jump on self dosing trt … I did it with help from this forum and multiple others and I was 41 when I started.

My suggestion 150-180 mgs a week , inject 50-60 mgs on Monday , Thursday, and Saturday. Use 1/2 inch 27-28 gauge insulin needles and inject in quads and delts to start. Use test cyp, no ai, take fish oil daily and a multi. Re-assess yourself around thanksgiving on how your feeling.

And make a habit of reading and researching forums daily and you’ll gain a lot of knowledge. You’ll actually look forward to pinning day. Do steady cardio 3 times a week. Walk, bike etc

Let it work… don’t freak out after a month or two saying nothing is happening, stay consistent. Good luck you’ll wish you got on a while ago.


I think @150mgaweek gave an excellent advice. I agree with every word written in previous comment.


Competent docs are in short supply. If I find one willing to help I’d definitely use them. Still looking though.

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I would seriously consider getting bloodwork done before blindly signing up for a protocol that may not be suited to your needs.


I’m definitely going to get the labwork done.


Thanks bro.

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I used one of those introductory offers at the online tele clinics to get my labs done and a prescription, then went “out on my own.”

Maybe you can take advantage of a similar situation to get discounted labs and a script.

Tbh, I was not impressed with the protocol - 250mg/every 2 weeks. The doseage was close to spot on according to labs, but based on everything I read here, the dosing interval left much to be desired.

Luckily being a regular at the gym and talking to folks, I’ve learned who the more knowledgeable doctors in my area are that give a genuine shit about helping folks on TRT.

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Sure guy. Because you repeat it, it must be true.


Is he the only doc where you live? Unless you’re married to him, no harm in calling around.