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First Timer Clen/T3/Test Help


first timer clen t3 test
First 2 days 25 mg clen/t3
Then up by 25 mg every 2 days till 100 mg bouth, doing the same in reverse in the last week, with clen cycled 2 weeks on 2 weeks off.
50 mg of winny the whole time.
250 mg sustamed every other day the whole time, 750 mg per week.
With liv52, joint supplements, l carnitine.
Pct nolva and clomed, thyroid stimulate.

Does this sound good?
would you change anything?
Can I get more info on pct (nolva/clomed) doses and additionals if necessary?
do I use nolva at 10-15 mg throughout the cycle (for the sustamed)?

I am 29, 194cm (6'4), about 100kg (205/210), working out 6 days a week one hour to two cardio and lifting.

My diet is 1700 cal 50% protein, 35% carbs, 15% fat.
I take vitamins and minerals and drink 2 whey\eeg\cazain combo shakes a day with bcaa and glutamine with maltodextrin add after workout.

My goal is to get tune lean with good size.


Seems a bit excessive although i have no experience with t3 or clen, what is your bf%


you need to eat more than 1700 cals if you’re working out 6days/wk