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First timer - Anavar & PCT Advice

Hi guys,
I plan to start using Anavar, 40mg/day. I am not going to use anything else with it? I read you should follow the typical time on=time off protocol. Is 3or4 weeks on and the same off ok? or should i go for 6 weeks?? Also what Pct should i do? nova or clomid? what doses when?

Any advise would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance. Oh i chose var because i’m a gaelic football(in Ireland) player and i want to increase speed and strength(a bit) and loose fat, and also i thought it would be a good AAS to start off with.

I see yet another person failed to read the newbie threads.

Every single one of your questions gets answered in detail.

Have some initiative. This is not the forum to expect a handout in.


OK i’ll rephrase, does this sound ok?
An anavar only CyCle
40mg/day for 6 weeks
then nova for 2 weeks @20mg per day!