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First Timer: Anadrol 50

Never used any of these foarms before so please forgive me. I been lifing since I was a young kid off and on I just started back about a month ago. I never used anything but through my path in life I meet some people and I just picksd up some anadrol 50 with this being my first time I dont kniw much or what to expect. My plan was to take one a day with some test. Pills I been taking and stick to my normal training and workout. If anyone has suggestions please fell free to tell meor warnings any info at all thanks.

no. someone at your commitment level does not need to even be thinking about steroids.

AAS will give you best results when diet and training are spot on. I know this isn’t what you might want to hear but you seriously need to focus on diet and training for a couple more months before hopping on any form of drugs. You won’t get the results you’ll like and you’ll be harming your body no reason. Get your diet dialed in. Find out what exercises promote the most growth for your body and then use google to search up the drug and its uses as well as dosages. Then once you think you’ve got everything figured out, you come on here and post your plan see we can check if you’re missing anything. Good luck bro!