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First Time With Weighted Dips


Today I tried Dips with some added weight! These things are amazing. I also tried some pullups with some extra weight. You gotta try these things!


Weighted dips are good shits.

I hate pullups in all forms. I do them, but God I hate them.


If your like bodyweight movements try these:
1 arm pullup/chin(weighted if possible)
1 arm handstand press(weighted if possible)
1 arm pushup (start with a 5-10lb plate on your back and work up to a one 60lb sandbag,2,..ect).
pistols aka 1 leg ass to grass and back(weighted if possile)

IMO, you can get one hell of a body doing just these types of movement.




Weighted dips can get addicting, making you push yourself further and further to see just how far you can go and how much you can do with more and more weight attached.


Sorry for that confession. I'm a weighted dip-aholic.


How are you suspending the extra weight on yourself ? I'm curious because I want to add weight to chins/pullups. Do I have to buy a special belt w/ chain ?

Irish, why do you hate chins? I just started doing these in the last 3 months, and I have never had this good of a lat soreness in any other back exercise in my life. Just curious..


You can buy a belt at most sporting good stores. But a cheaper way is to find some rope, put in through your beltloops and then tie it through& around the weight. And a even cheaper way is to load up a back pack with weights/sand/gravel/rocks. You can also take a few pillow covers and load them with the above. Also milk jugs filled with water/sand/concrete tied to your beltloops works......here's just a few ways to impervise.




Or just put some plates between your legs and squeeze.


Good for you man. You just can't beat the old tried and true compound movements. Weighted dips are the upper body equivalent of squats. They fit in any program: 10x3, 5x5, etc.,that's why you'll see them in so many programs outlined on this site. Your gym should have a dipping belt available.

If you train at home, a dipping belt is not expensive at all. Dragon had some excellent suggestions for improvising. Almost every program I develop for myself includes weighted dips. Keep on doing them. They'll really beef up you shoulders, tris and chest.


im pretty new here.

lately, dips have been getting easier for me. but my right shoulder seems to always hurt just after i finish them. only for a couple seconds then it goes away. nothing serious or permanent. but it sometimes deters me from doing them. should i worry about this? any ways to make it more comfortable to do ?

also, any ideas on how to make it easier to lean forward while doing dips? i do them almost vertical but my roommate says for chest it's best to lean forward. is it really that big of a difference? do i really need to worry?


I just hate them. Everyone has that one exercise that they really don't like at all. For me that's pullups. I wish they weren't so damn good for you though.


I use a lifting belt and just wrap a chain through it and through the plate... I have to double wrap the chain. It looks badass though.


I'm in Korea, and almost everyone at my gym is a machine addict. I'm the only one doing weighted dips (lots doing high rep w/o weights), and one of the few that does pull-ups. We don't even have a squat rack, just a smith machine, so when I'm doing high reps, I just clean the weights for squats. People don't want to work in their workouts... shit, I couldn't do a pullup before I started working out, but you try and keep trying, and that's how we improve.

I'm glad you've found weighted dips, they're excellent!


Im assuming you do these amazing feats of strenght. I really dig all these exercises and tend to do them in a grease the groove method on off days so I really havent given them full attention in months. Im most impressed by the one arm HSPU, I was working up to that and only got one on each arm, I was also doing the "step ups" freestanding of course, got injuried(unrelated to the exercise) and havent revisited them in a while....


I work out at home, does anyone know of a simple setup for dips that I could use?


I just squeeze the handle of a dumbbell between my knees and flex my knees to 90 degrees and the dumbbell is supported, no equipment needed!


Lay 2 4x4's across a platform with the same height (ie. kitchen counter).