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First Time with Tren Acetate/Test Propionate. Dose Ratio?

Hi all, running Tren Ace 100mg/Test P 100mg EOD and Caber .25mg twice weekly for the first time @ 40 yrs old. I have been on TRT for almost 3 years using gel and now Test Cyp 200mg weekly. Ran 3 cycles outside my normal TRT which I stop during cycle. I’ve done some research and get mixed signals about the dose of Tren to Test EOD. Some say to run lower Test to Tren and some say run higher Test to Tren. The day of administration I feel good up to about 30-36 hours then I’m very tired sluggish. Been running this cycle for a couple weeks and would like advice or read suggestions on ED admin or a change up on dosage EOD. Any suggestions or recommendations would be much appreciated!

The whole thing with ester half lives (that’s the propionate, cypionate, acetate, enanthate part of the hormone, idk how much you know about all of this) is they are calculated based on measurements taken from a whole bunch of people from a bunch of different ethnic and even socioeconomic backgrounds. The half lives are a general idea of what 80% of us should expect within a standard deviation. You might just be one of those guys that has the genetic fast metabolism Gene, even if you are not skinny your body might just break down whatever faster than the next guy. If you break it down faster then you will have a more pronounced swing from high to low hormone levels.

The other thing could be you are just more sensitive to the rise and drop of either test or tren. Some folks feel that shit just like some guys can blast steroids, never PCT and feel totally fine. (They might be in a low to no test state for months and months) Both test prop and tren a have pretty quick half lives so even with EOD shots you are still on a rollercoaster.

Go look up steroidcalc. You can punch in your doses and it will give you a graph of how many mgs per day each hormone is releasing into your blood stream. Well In your bloodstream free from the ester and able to engage with bodily functions. I don’t know exactly happens with the shot between injection time and when your liver breaks the ester off.

I would try taking 50mg of each, test and tren every day. It’s the same dose per week but this way will keep your levels much more stable. At the very least the more stable levels should help you get more out of the cycle even if you don’t ever figure out how to combat the sluggishness.

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Thanks Brother for the information and suggestion! I did the calculation and wow what a difference in the swing of the release! I plan to switch up to ED and see how that feels. Haven’t really had any side effects as of yet maybe just a little more quick tempered and cardio suffering some but nothing way noticeable. But just started noticing more strength and muscle hardening this week. I’m also thinking the TRT over the last three years probably has something to do with not impacting me as others have discussed. Thank you again for the response!

You will see, read and hear this until your ears and eyes bleed, “everyone is different.” Some guys can take nothing but a gram of deca for four months and never have any issues, others take one shot and their dick doesn’t work quite right ever again. So always be aware of what might show up in regards to side effects, prepare to be able to deal with them but don’t go and try to find that side effect in yourself. If you have it you will know because it will let you know. The mind is a powerful thing and if you think your will have issues then you probably will. It sounds like you are experiencing the whole shortness of breath associated with tren especially tren ace, it happens and should go away at the end of the cycle. I don’t think I have ever heard of anyone not recovering from the shortness of breath so as long as you can manage it on cycle then rest easy knowing it’s not permanent. Also know that so many of these listed side effects are totally avoidable with a little preparation and knowledge.

And yeah I love the steroidcalc. It’s not super accurate like take it to the bank accurate but it is a nice tool to use to get an idea of what is going on after each shot. Also gives you an idea of when your regular shots of a long ester will finally even out and stabilize. And just fyi if you ever get a compound that is not an option on that thing then find another compound on it with the same ester and that will give you a good idea of what to expect. That thing makes it look like it has all these options for compounds but really the options are the esters and the different half lives of orals. If you really want to get into it go and calculate the raw hormone amount without the ester. That ester weight ends up taking a bite out of the 200mgs of test enanthate, that only has about 140mgs of raw test. The one ester that really got me was phenylpropionate it is so much faster than the decanoate ester but is only slightly shorter. Heck phenylpropionate has a shorter half life than enanthate but it weighs more.

Hello Now_i_care

Things are running smoothly and not really having any sides had to start caber though… that’s really the only thing I’ve had to address. Was reaching and trying to find the best option for bloods. Just to check levels and make sure everything is good. Any suggestions? I’m noticing the strength gains are progressing and the muscle is hardening. Also, it’s undecided I was also reading some take more test to tren is this only for bulking? I mean tren is so powerful why would u?

A male hormone panel that includes prolactin with a sensitive E2 reading if possible

Tren has two camps. Camp one is high tren/low test. Camp two is high tren/high test. I don’t know which is right, but the fact that so many guys get wildly different results from the two options means that one of this will work for you and the other will make you lose your mind, start banging trannies (seriously, tren has turned some redditors into huge weirdos), and murder your family.

See what works for you and go by how your body reacts. That’s the only way to know how much test/tren you can use. Everything else is just theoretical. The only right balance is the one you find through trial and error.

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I prefer low test high tren. Altho I could be biased because I think low test is always better when running high levels of other compounds that more efficiently do the job and were made for the sole purpose of building muscle.

That banging trannies shit is no joke. Altho it never got that far thank God. my mind was def in left field when it came to woman.


So far with the ED dose .60cc of tren and Test everything seems normal. No night sweats, no insomnia, or really any sides… thank god no weird sex preference shift lol! Seeing mass and muscle hardening as well fat loss. I’m at the start of my 4th week and have noticed one issue. Rotation of inject sites… gluts and quads I’ve started to have more and more blood after injection. Haven’t changed anything and have never had lots of blood after injection. I aspirate every time no blood then once removed there’s blood and it’s a little more each time as well the blood seems darker than usual. Thoughts?

How many places in your quads do you inject?

Aspirating is kind of outdated and not many people do it - that I know of at least. It’s quite common to nip a vein, so I wouldn’t worry too much about the bleeding after you’ve pulled out. Does the bleeding stop after you’ve put pressure on it and massaged the area for a minute?

4 weeks in and no sweats, no insomnia from Tren Ace? That’s surprising. Do you trust your source?

Low test high tren is IMO the only way to run tren. I can go up to a gram of Tren (I don’t) with 100mg/wk of test without sides, without the need for an AI or DA.


I try to use two to three different locations on my quads “sides” probably 2 inches apart from previous dose. Same as gluts as I’m alternating every day so I give the area a slight rest. Yep after it have some blood I apply pressure and within a minute of pressure and massaging it stops. Thank you for the response brother really appreciate it!

Currently running higher test to tren .70cc tren a to 1cc Test P ED just now hitting 4th week. I do have a higher body temp “average” 99 degrees. Had to start Caber my third week sore nips and slight lactation which that stopped with the caber quickly. Wouldn’t that indicate legit gear? I certainly don’t feel or see all the things guys talk about like strength is unreal, quick tempered, very noticeable mass gains, and the sides. I’m cutting, slowly gaining strength and mass. But nothing like a wow factor…

I do sweat a hell of a lot more in the gym though.