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First Time with Tren Ace Next Cycle


Hey guys I've been wanting to run tren for a while now. I've read up alot on it and am aware of the side effects, though thats not what I would be worried about. I've read alot of experiences of people using tren and losing all there gains post cycle, now I dont know if their diet was poor or if they used hcg during there cycle, but i'm not going to use tren if ill lose everything when I off.

This would be my 4th cycle, all my other cycles were test cycles with an oral
first cycle 250 mg test e 10 weeks with dbol weeks 1-4---put on 20 lbs and kept it all.
second cycle-started with test prop weeks 1-4 than used test cyp weeks 1-10 with tbol weeks 1-4.--- gained 20 lbs
third cycle- test prop weeks 1-3 (ran out, source shorted me on prop) test e 600 mg weeks 1-10 with letro and winny weeks 7-12.----ive put on about 15 lbs from this cycle.

I've never had a problem keeping my gains, I usually keep majority of my strength, and have only last a couple lbs IF that when coming off cycles. I always use nolva and test charge (t booster) in pct and it seems to work really well for me, than i take 12-14 weeks off depending on length of cycle and pct.
I'm 6'2' currently 270 lbs at about 13% bf.

I've had good experiences but i think its time to add in another effective compound for my next cycle. I was thinking
test p weeks 1-10 400-500 mg a week
tren a weeks 1-5 or 6 or possibly 7 at 300-350 mg a week
(if i can afford it) winny while on tren 50-75 ed
letro probably about 1.25- i realize thats probably more than what majority of you take.
dostinex .5-1 mg spread out throughout the week.
hcg weeks 1-10 250-500 iu e3d (sound about right?)
and of the course the usual, pct, weeks 10-14 or 15 20/20/20/20 nolva with my test charge.

I want to here your experiences with running tren and recovering from it from a cycle somewhat like this, with hcg, caber, a proper pct. I'm not on hrt or anything so if recovery is just going to be ridiculous than i wont bother right now. I've heard horror stories and other stories saying its not bad when done right.

just to clarify i always use AI's and what not on all my cycles at all times, i just didnt throw those details in.


I also just read about some people getting tren cough to a point where its almost unbareable. But anyways I am going to compete in a npc show next year so i was thinking i may save the first time use of tren and use masteron with more test or something.


Just try running higher test say 800mg to a gram and dbol, you'll get more out of it than that amount of tren, IMO. Its not a small amount but if youve never tried high test you should first. If you want to run tren, do it the low test higher tren way and run at least 600mg pw of tren.


600mg pw tren?? Lol ya right bro. And i don't like dbol I took it one time, I like tbol better or just starting out with prop.


I'm not trying to get the balloon look I'm looking to get lean gains and harden up a bit more. Like what tren or possibly masteron might help me do. I was debating on taking npp as well but I figured if I'm going to take a 19-nor compound I might as well take tren.


What exactly is wrong with 600mg of tren with a replacement dose of test?


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Is that not a little high for my first time on tren? I don't have a problem with that honestly. I'll adjust the dose when I get on I just didn't wanna start out at 600 mg my main concern was the recovery.. I wanted to know if hcg really helped recovery and would it help if I ran the test 4 weeks after the tren because I've read the metabolites of tren seem to linger for a while


I have no idea what's wrong with it. I've never ran it. Ive read from some experiences to use the same amount of test or more and others are different


I'd answer but the chance of you 'lol'ing' and dismissing it without as much of a one sentence follow up question makes me think it would be a waste of time.

That and the fact that test tren cycle threads are found by the dozen means you should use the search bar.


i ran 600test/600tren... was lovely :slightly_smiling:


My apologies. I would appreciate it though if you could help me out. Would you think that the people who are losing there good results from tren is because of poor diet and pct? and how well did you recover from your first run at tren?


And i do realize there are a dozen means to find tren test cycle threads, but i wanna know experiences from somebody who has ran it correctly, and had proper diet and a solid pct. I feel like half the people i read about taking tren didn't really know what there doing, half of them didnt even know what caber was.


Why don't you like Dbol?


Its a good drug. My nips are sensitive to dbol, even on letro. Tbol doesnt give me those side effects


I think im going to run npp instead of tren ace. I can get more NPP as well for a cheaper price, but the "source" i have for caber i dunno if its full proof. I have prami on hand but that stuff gives me terrible side effects. Does anyone have any experience with bromo?


I was gonna run 150 mg eod of NPP for like 6-7 weeks, and continue the test for like 3-4 weeks after that. but i havnt decided how much test i want to run along with it.

does anyone with experience with NPP think i would be ok with on letro for sides, and just keep the prami on hand?


If you use enough of an AI you can be as dry as a bone on a gram of test with dbol thrown in. Get some letrozole and adjust to taste, so to speak. Some people need much more than "typical" AI doses.

The simple way to adjust your dose is to look in the mirror. If you've got a fat moon face then you need to take more AI.


Most people lose their "good results" because they mistake water weight for actual muscle tissue.


Do you want results or do you just want to be able to say "yeah i took tren bro it was awesome"