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First Time with Test P


hi everyone. i just joined the site and am looking forward to start bodybuilding. this site seems real good and i have seen some really good info but enough about that.

i just got my hands on some test p. the bottle says

Each ml contains:
testosterone propionate 100 mg/ml

what exactly does that mean? and how much should i inject and how often, if it is my first time. i am in school for medical so i do know how to administer injections.

also how long will this last and what kind of results should i should i see with just this amount that i have.

thanks ill reallyyy appreciate the replys.


If you have not been training and eating consistently for a while, there is no point in using AAS. You don't know how to take full advantage of them yet, and it will be a waste of money and drugs. You can make plenty of gains naturally if you have not even started bodybuilding.


Agreed. djh1608 you always want to articulate what you desired goals and outcomes are. In this game you select compounds to use based on your own goals. Giving a history of one's self is valuable for tailoring your own specific cycle.


In my experience, test helps with recovery. Basically you could have three workout sessions in one day. You are almost guaranteed to come back stronger each workout, provided you put in the work.

I haven't tried anything beyond 600mg a week, but it's a nice boost. I still drank in spurts while on cycle, it really helps you handle your liquor and with hang overs... but it also REALLY hindered my performance, probably even more so than had I not been on test. I imagine this is due to the extra water retention from the esters, but that's just a guess. Take that for what it's worth.

Since you are in school like me, I'm assuming you drink a lot. My advice would be to avoid it as much as possible.


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