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First Time with Pain and Heat After Testosterone Injection

The particulars:

  • 43 yrs old
  • Test Enanthate, 250mg/ml
  • 23 Gauge 1 Inch Needle
  • 1.2ML / injection (300mg)
  • Sterilized both the area and cap before proceeding.

The dumb, I think.
Injected into the quad area. I performed the pinch, insertion (app 1/2 to 2/3 of an inch), aspirated (no blood drawn back), and injected.

That was Monday, app. 60 hours ago. Area is not swollen, not visibly at least but giving off heat. Hurts to walk and work the muscle, sore to the touch. Advil (generic) does help at 800mg. Seems to neither be getting worse or better. Did a workout yesterday, avoided the legs but moving around did improve the condition for a time.

Should I just wait this out? Should I go with hat-in-hand and talk to my GP?

Thanks in advance.


Wait it out. Can you explain your process of injecting again? I am not understanding the pinch method you described. Are you doing SubQ or IM? There is also no need to aspirate.

Use heat and ice, alternating on the area.