First Time with HGH and Insulin with AAS

So here is what im looking at:
Running test and EQ with Anadrol to jump start.
Ive done A LOT of research on Insulin and i understand its benefits and side effects along with those of HGH. For the nay sayers of insulin-go ahead and post if you like, it is good for the newbs to research and get opinions and then make their decision. I am looking for suggestions as the effectiveness and results for this given cycle.

25 Years Old
13-14% Body Fat
Training 6 years consistantly
Squat: 455x1
Dead: 545x3
Flat: 315x3
Milt: 215x5
#1 - Test E 500 (10w), Deca 500(10w), Dbol 50mg (4w)
#2 - 10 week -Test E 500, EQ 400
#3 - Test E 500, Tren E 400, T3& Clen, HCG (10w) 250iux2 weekly PCT - nolva, clomid, clen(4 week)
#1 - Minimal strength, lot of water weight. gain size and kept decent amt
#2 - good strength increase
#3 - Very good strength, Leaned down great, Kept 100% strength (due to good pct with clen blocking cortizol and hcg throughout cycle)

Test E - 12 weeks 500 or 750mg weekly
EQ - 12 weeks 600mg weekly
Anadrol - 5 weeks 75mg
HCG - 250iu x 2 weekly -starting week 3 - end 1 week before start nolv & Clomid
HGH - 3iu Daily AM shot -(Thinking 16 weeks thru PCT)
Insulin - 2iu x 2 daily - 1 morning, 1 PWO
Nolva - 40mg x 2w, 20mg x 2w - start 3 weeks after last shot
Clomid - 200mg down to 50. (same start time)
Clen - 80mcg day - beginning 2 weeks after last shot to block cortizol (5 weeks)
-Nolva, Clomid, Clen will end at same time
**** This is a plan. i will have a some left over of each product so any thoughts on raising or lowering dose are appreciated.

Any Thoughts on this is greatly appreciated. like i said before i have done a lot of research and i respect others opinions but its falling on def ears posting not to take slin. i know it can be dangerous(so can a gun if an idiot plays with it and doesnt respect it) but it can be used effectively IF used properly in a proper routine.
I have a BG meter and i have been tracking my levels and plan to track it VERY closely after the shot in 10 min increments (of course with proper meal after shot)

Lets hear it…

All I can say is I’m interested in seeing your results, looks pretty put together good luck to you


Any thoughts…

Couple things I noticed:

-EQ is typically run longer than 12 weeks, most advocate 16+ weeks
-GH is a 6 month minimum unless you are doing some stupid amount like 10+iu a day IM, not sub-q (never do sub-q anyway)
-GH is also better broken up throughout the day as opposed to one pin
-I have not done enough research on slin, nor have personal experience to fall back on, so I am going to leave that alone.
-200mg of Clomid is toxicity level, I have always been under the impression that two days at 150mg is the max you want to do, followed by a typical 100/100/50/50, or 50/50/50/50 schedule.
-Clen will either require some sort of cycling, I prefer 2 days on 1 day off, or benadryl to eliminate the upregulation associated with it.

I will add more if I see anything.

That seems legit. EQ is ok for 12 weeks and you’ve done it before so you know what to expect, but consider running it longer especially having the HGH in there. Maybe think of a way to stretch this 16 weeks? go big or go home

With your cycle history and size I would bump my test to a gram, IMO.

last post was October 2012 lol.