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First Time with HCG


I have been injecting test. cyp. for a couple years and never had any HCG until now. My nut sack is so small and tight from this. I got some HCG and have been doing 250 iu every other day as the stickey suggests. Any idea how long it takes to start seeing results? Thank you for any help.


I would say a couple of weeks to a month - you've been shut down for a long time. It may take even longer.


I was under the impression 250 iu EOD was only to MAINTAIN testicular function not REGAIN. I thought you needed much higher blasts of hCG to get back online after being shutdown?


Definitely not...at higher doses, you run the risk of desensitizing the leydig cells and really shutting yourself down...

An HRT maintenance dose should be the same as one that will restore testicular function...by which mechanism would you think a higher dose would work faster? I know we have become an "I want it yesterday society" but these types of things can't be accomplished overnight, and certainly without risk...

Are you basing your opinion on any studies or research to the same, or just tribal knowledge?


I see.
No I am basing my knowledge from experience and the experience of some vets such as Cymru. Cymru had a similar shutdown to mine and he tried these 250iu doses but did not work. He was shutdown for around 6 months then finally did a couple of blast doses of 2000iu 3 times in a week which worked for him.
I am aware of the desensitisation of the leydig cells by ultra high doses but I have no studies that can quantify that high doses do or dont desensitise your leydig cells. So yes as it stands I am speaking from a "bro knowledge" perspective.


Thanks guys for the replies. I will stick to the 250 iu for time being and see what happens.