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First Time with ECA


I'm sorry if this is in the wrong thread, dont hate!

So iv been wanting to start on the ECA stack, and have been reading lots of different things about it all over the web, but I usually always make my final decision off of tnation.

A buddy of mine whos been experimenting with clen, steroids, ECA for a long time now and is a national bodybuilding athlete (he knows what hes talking about, so i go to him for advice) told me that the aspirin isnt necessary in the ECA. However, what iv read on the internet is that the aspirin is necessary, so i kinda wanna hear what the people of tnation think.

Also, how do i cycle it/use it? Right now i do 200mg of caffeine in the morning with 24mg of ephedrine hcl, and then do the same in the pm.

any tips/thoughts/feelings/advice would be greatly appreciated!


If you go to him for advice and he says don’t use aspirin, don’t. End of discussion.

Personally, I don’t use aspirin either when I use ephedrine.


Hmm…I haven’t seen Ephedrine HCL in twenty years. Where on earth is it sold now???


i get it at GNC


Never tried the EC stack…do you really see/feel a difference?


You can take low dose (81mg) aspirin or you can omit it and take extra omega 3 supplements.


I thought Ephedrine HCL was banned years ago???


Primatine or Bronkaid can be purchased at pretty much any pharmacy. 2 pills = 25g of Ephedra I think.

I’ve taken it both with and without the baby asprin (81mg) and don’t notice a difference so I no longer use the aspirin.

The first couple of times you take it you kinda feel high and focused. Your body adapts pretty quickly and after a while you notice a little bit of focus but thats about it. Not sure how much it works as a fat burner but its amazing for appetite supression.

Please re-read JLones post if you plan on taking it. Good info there. Drink lots of water and stay away from any cardio besides walking. Your core temp is definitely higher than normal and you will sweat from doing just about anything.

I know everyones different, just some info from my own personal experience.


[quote]Bullyson wrote:
I thought Ephedrine HCL was banned years ago???[/quote]
I heard you can get it at this place called The Black Market


Clen = worst headaches known to man.

Like seriously want to skull crush yourself willingly.


Bronkaid is 25mg eph


just started here, I use primatene

2 pills that (25 mg eph) + a caffeine pill (200mg) or some coffee or a lot of tea every 4 hours. I usually have 2 doses a day, sometimes 3

drink a lot of water and watch your blood pressure definitely
I’ve heard you need to keep potassium intake up but I don’t know how much of that is broscience


Ahhh the first time :slight_smile: halcyon days