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First time Weight Lifter

Hey… I’m in college and i’m want to start working out and lifting wieghts. Can any body give me a good work out plan to start with … thankyou


Besides reading the FAQ, read “Dawg School: Beginners Blast Off Program”. Also, your post did not contain any of the following: Height/Weight; Any type of previous or current athletic experience; Goals (lose weight, gain LBM?); diet, what’s it like now? These are bits of info that would be necessary before anyone puts together a workout plan for a individual.

SO...read the FAQ. It will provide you info on quite a few different programs available in T-Mag as well as nutrition (any article by John Berardi). And read the other article I mentioned above.


I’m 5’9 and I weigh 160 pounds. I’m a male and i play basketball a little but i’m developing a little tummy so i want see if i can get a 6 pack