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First Time Watching Dragonball


Thought i would post this up i just found it myself.
first time watching any of this



Holy crap, thank you! I love dragon ball.


Ive alreay seen every episode :stuck_out_tongue:


I know all the lines to dbz, most to db and not much of dbgt.


Hand me a cigerette, I just came.


This really is good shit i have been watching this for about 4 hours now lol


ahh memories.... that is a good site :smiley:


Ah, I remember my first time...it was magical.


Love the Ricky Oh avatar.

Great site as well. DB is the best action cartoon ever IMO.


If you told me 10 years ago that I could watch all DBZ episode online, I would have lost my mind.

Good find.

Sayian-Saga to Cell Saga = Epic


The final Fight with kid buu is by far the best fight in the series, followed closely by Goku vs frieza then Goku vs Vegeta 1 and 2.



I didn't click the topic cos I thought it was the new movie preview.

My first episode was the vegeta sage. Was hooked ever since.

Thanks for the link


Bullshit. Buu saga licks donkey balls. Goku vs Freeza is probably the most epic and best all around fight. Hell, I think Freeza killed Goku, was wished back shortly after, and was able to beat Freeza.

To me, the best fights are the ones where they actually fight. Not just stand around, brag about their power, power up, and then shoot energy beams.


I remember talking about this with my friends in elementary school all the time.

We started doing push ups and chin ups at lunch because we wanted to be like them.

Being 8 years old was fun...


i have started watching Dragonball Z does it matter or should i have started with just Dragonball?



Are you guys 9 years old or something?
My 16 year old son used to watch that years ago. Now he spends his time on productive things like songwriting and mastering the bass guitar and piano.



You know, it's strange, for being such a nerd, I've never watched Dragonball.

Not sure if it's worth my money or not.


So did you just come in here to shit on something we loved as kids or are you gonna bring something positive to the thread?


Lighten up, Francis. I put the "lol" there, because I'm laughing with you, not at you.
I mean look what I do for a living: I DRAW CARTOONS!




i remember the Frieza saga, goodtimes