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First Time W/ Buddy


Wow... Thats all I can say. I will no longer be working out with him.

Things he did in our small gym. (1 cable tower, 2 benches and a bunch of dumbells.)So small that I am within 8 feet of him at ALL times.

-Grunter- He screams from rep 1-15. If he can do 15 reps, he doesnt need to scream on his first.
-Dropping plates- On the cable tower, after every rep he slams the plates together.

So far I have a pattern of this.
Rep 1- Scream- CLANK

I noticed that he does a 1x15 pattern for every workout.

Did every bicep exercise I could think of. 4 different variations of rows. and 3 variations of bench, including one I had never even seen before which he incorperated a crunch for his abs.

I tried to explain to him the benefits of a 3x8 or something similar, but he said that after 15 he feels a good pump. I then tried to explain what it means to have a good routine that only works 1 group once. No need to do 3 different types of bench in 1 sitting, then do pulldowns, then 4 types of rows, then dips. And I told him about proper bench form, and how it doesnt include a crunch at the end. He informed me he had been training for 2 years(small guy, benching 100 or so) and that I dont need to explain stuff to him. Even asked him if he does any legs... "my legs are strong enough already, I used to do them all the time when I started" Then told me that "muscles just dont go away" when I tried to explain to him that just because he squatted 200 2 years ago, doesnt mean that he could today.

Anybody else have an experience with a buddy talking you into workout out together, then doing stuff like this? I wont be working out with him anymore, needless to say.


Nope. I usualy kill people within the first couple of workouts.

Realy though, the turnover rate with people lifting is high. It has taken me several years to find a few people that are like minded and have a similar approach to training.

Good luck.


well.. I dont like the idea of working out with people anyway, i get into the zone and use headphones. but he lives in my dorm and always asks me to lift with him.


Not as bad as that but.

Friend of mine invited himself to lift with me one day. I always train alone so already he had a strike against him. Shows up in board shorts and sandals. After he sees I'm squatting he thinks it's better if he goes and does bench and treadmill. Cool guy but fuckin clueless. First and last workout with him.


My friend asked me to help him get in shape, although hes not in horrible shape, its not very great either. Anyway, I was doing a workout with him, and I said grab a 50 and do sidebends. He replies "no, my obliques are already too big."

I was about to kick him in the head. I havent helped him since, although I did get him to buy some surge and metabolic drive for when he does workout by himself.


I had the same experience, lol. This ex-partner of mine looked and lifted the same a year later and then developed a pathetic case of male anorexia =D.


oh yea. didnt even mention what he wore. He knocked on my door in the same stuff that he wore to our speech class today. Jeans, tennis shoes and a t-shirt. I told him ok, we can go, just go change and come back in 5-10 ill be ready. I wanted time to mix up a little whey and carbs before I went because I missed lunch due to a final.

Anyway, he looks at me and says... I am ready...

So anyway, he does all this working out in jeans. Gets all sweaty- to the point where his white shirt is turning yellow. He leaves a little early because he had to go to class.. I was in shock... He didnt even go shower or change before his next class... Eww.

You cant make this stuff up folks.


Of course you can... I went to the gym one time, and no one was there, so I jerked off on the bar. Sticky sperm is much better for grip than chalk. Then, a really fuckin hot personal trainer proceeded to take her clothes off in front of me while doing straight leg DL's. This, of course was right before Jessica Alba stood next to me naked and fanned me with her panties. Thong, pink... Naturally.
She proceeded to lay on her back and let me slurp Surge off her body after my workout. Of course, then, I had amazing sex with her on the incline bench, and experimented with the swiss ball. Of course, this required another serving of Surge in which case the personal trainer came back in, naked of course, and shook the shaker bottle with more Surge overhead so her boobes jiggled right in front of my face. She then proceeded to lay me on my back and pour it down my throat while jessica was busy sucking me off.

Worst day at the gym, ever. Let me tell you, those two were the worst workout partners I've ever had. Bitches.


So now you understand where im coming from.


Best workout partner I ever had was a chick... a drummer chick too :wink:. She has never worked out before and wanted to get in shape. That girl would listen to everything and was SUPER intense. Needless to say, she grew fast. Damn I miss those days.


I thought the title was about something else.....


Yeah, I expected this thread to be pretty brokeback.


dude, i dont know how you didnt say something. live and learn i guess


I tried to educate him a little, but he just told me that he had 2 years working for him so hes just going to do what works. (he doesnt look like he lifts... and its not even that hes small and strong, hes just small.) But I wasnt going to cause a scene in the gym because there is a row of treadmills that are always occupied by cuties that I didnt want to look like an ass in front of.