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First Time Using X-Vest!


Wow, that was quite possibly one of the best non-lifting workouts I've ever completed. It's a workout just elevating your ribcage to fill your lungs with air.

I live in Nashville so I took my 40lb X-Vest down to the state capitol building. There's this huge hill with sairs going all the way up to the capitol's front door. It's like a 100 yards of stairs. I sprinted 4 rounds up. I also performed vertical jumps and skips.

I might have rather been hit by a freight truck. Whew!!


ive considered buying a weight vest, actually more like fantasized. i did some research into it, and they seemed awesome. however, purchasing one would have put a serious dent in my teenage wallet. sounds like you got quite a workout there. enjoy it, i know i would.


IHateGymMorons, where did you get the vest from? How much did it run you?

I love doing alot of bodyweight stuff, so this thing would be perfect for me.


the ones i saw, i cant remember where, were upwards of 2 and 3 hundred dollars. idk what his costs though.


I have a V-Max weight vest. http://www.weightvest.com/

The vest can go from 0-50 pounds in increments of 2.5 pounds. It's a nice tight fit to the chest. $199.00
It's awesome!!

Been using it for about two months for all kinds of exercises especially pull-ups, chin-ups, dips, pushups, squats (high reps), stair climbing...obviously endless amounts you can do. It's a great alternative if you can't get to the gym.


I'd check out Coach Davies site you can get the x-vest there for a discount I beleive.

They are AWESOME and very versatile. I use mine nearly daily.


Got mine off performbetter.com. I think it was like $189 plus shipping. I would definitely get the X-vest and not any imitations. It's worth it. Plus you don't look like a moron wearing. It looks cool... kinda like bullet proof SWAT team vest!


I think I paid $189 and change including shipping for the 40# vest through Coach Davies website...

It's a great deal if he's still offering the discount.


Dave tate's site elitefts has the 40# for $163 and 20 bucks shipping. Although I did recieve and Email saying free shipping till today 11/30. I am not sure if this is on the free shipping but the price is good any way.
They also have a 75# and 100#



Kinda late ringing in on this one...
Don't forget to check on ebay. I brought a BRAND NEW one from a home medical supply company in Houston, TX.
Found them on ebay and turns out they were selling the 40lb. version for $150.
One of the best investments I have made yet!!


If I had been a cop there and I saw some guy sprinting up the stairs of the capitol building wearing a vest that looked like that...


What is it that you would have done??

Probably a good thing you're not a cop then eh?

Maybe your comments were meant to be placed over on the "Get a Life Thread".



Just an FYI to anyone out there interested in the weighted vest. I believe that the x vest is the most expensive line out there. If you check ebay you can get 40lb vests for like 89 bucks for a buyout, not an auction. Did I spell auction right?


but the X-vest is the best fitting. I think this is one example of less expensive is not better.


The one that I got was the real deal...came with the poster, video, 40lbs & X-VEST!!



Recently purchased a 40 lb x-vest. Awesome investment. I wear it on my way to and from the gym (40 min of walking). Used it for body wt exercises, jump rope, and power walking on the treadmill. Good stuff.


I love em. I will never go back to weight belts.


I wear a bullet resistant vest for 11 hours a day. I don't care what that thing does for you, I'm not putting it on!


I have the 100lb maximum version. You can really murder yourself, it's an excellent training tool.


Everlast makes a 40 lb. vest that sells for around $70. Although I considered getting one, I haven't yet, so I can't say anything about its fit performance. I just know that it was the cheapest one I have found.