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First Time Using Tren

Pulling an old thread up here. Going to try a bit of tren for first time at 210 12%ish b.f. cycled twice prior with test only then a test anavar cycle.

What about 300mg test acetate/prop and 75-100 tren acetate? Assuming I have all ancillaries, anti-e etc. My goal would be Lean muscle gain and bulk… Don’t want to deal with orals much really but if someone recommended it i would

Tren should be the last compound you try. It’s just different and it can’t be explained. Then there is the special to tren side effects like lactating nipples. Just go try everything else then save tren for last or at least your 8th to 10th cycle. Seriously I probably tried it too early and keep in mind I live it I turn to it regularly but I didn’t have the background experience to properly take advantage of it when I pulled the trigger. That first time with any compound will usually be the best response mg for mg so save those first times and use them strategically.

Are you telling me… If I use tren… I can make my own BREAST MILK!!! I’ll no longer have to pay for milk at the store… all the extra cash I’ll save up!!!

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