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First Time Using Tren E


I recently am in week 11 on my cycle, was plannin on runnin 15 but way things are goin idk...

Started 1st month
800test e weekly
400mg tren e weekly
300mg deca weekly
And 400 to 600 mg dbol weekly
3 weeks I ran same amount on injectibles but took break off dbol

Then I jumped on aanadrol 400 to 600mg weekly and the injectibles ran same
Well on week 10 I popped a shot 400t e, wit 200 tren e and 150mg of deca in one buttcheek, soon as I pulled out, I got extremely hot, I felt like, coughing and experienced major shortness of breath. ..scary feelin, this was a week ago an I still have shortness of breath, no tren since, had e.k.g done, heart xray, cat scan , no hb pressure, everythings fine, but still have short ness of breath, will this ever go away or am I fucked? (I completely cut tren out btw)


So when you went to the doctor, did you tell them what you had done? I'm assuming no, because why be truthful with doctors when you're looking for a diagnosis?

I think it's lingering anxiety from your bad shot.


If not already tested, I would check your hematocrit level. If too high, this can cause shortness of breath. You've been on a high dose for a long time and a high hematocrit is quite possible.

If tested and fine, then I don't know. The coughing issue with a trenbolone injection gone wrong (some going into bloodstream) is a temporary thing, as in a minute or two, rather than a lasting effect.


400 to 600mg of dbol weekly and 400 to 600mg of anadrol weekly?

Holy fuck.


I was hoping maybe he switched?

And not to be alarmist, but impending liver failure can cause shortness of breath. I would run a liver panel no doubt after this overly-extended orals use (even if it was a switch rather than adding yet further.)


That's some crazy stress on the liver right there.... High dose dbol and anadrol in same cycle?


Bill, when would you consider liver values to be too high? And is ALT and AST good indicators of this? Because i thought liver values can go up just from training also.


GGT is one of the best indicators. When normal, typically all is well; twice or more the reference limit is too high. Not that it's necessarily good to be above the reference limit by less than this, but moderately over is common when using alkylated steroids and not really alarming.

Serum bilirubin also should be no higher than twice the reference limit. Sometimes people are normally (for them) somewhat above the reference limit even without anabolic steroid use, so a moderate elevation isn't cause for alarm.

Neither GGT nor serum bilirubin become elevated from exercise, so exercise will not be an explanation for abnormal results.

ALT is raised little if at all by exercise, but liver problems can be serious (cholestatic liver damage) even at only 2 times the reference limit.

All three of these being normal is excellent evidence of recovery from alkylated steroid use.

AST indeed goes up from exercise, so it can generate false alarms to go by AST.


Bill what are your thoughts on TUDCA?


I told doc wat I was takin, got cat scan, ekg, n xrays all came out fine, I donated blood yesterday and felt alot Better,knocked out hour cardio non stop, I was breathin through the nose but not 100 percent, 2 da ys after the shot last week, I couldnt even walk without breathing hard..now im doin cardio fine but like I said not 100%,2 days ago at a concert I had an anxiety attack, (tren sides??) Couldnt breath Nd heart was beatin fast, soon as I got out the place. I felt alot better n started breathin again (tren sides?)


Can't hurt and may well help, probably does, at least with cholestatic injury. I haven't used it myself as it's simple enough to avoid liver problems in the first place.


My alt came back at 110 with a top range of 78 and ast was 105 with a top range of 37. Billiruben was in range. Im taking things that would stress my liver. Are these results abnormal? I just started taking nac and ordered some tudca just in case.


How long before tren e, leaves my system? I read tren e could thicken up blue cell count makin it harder to breath


Wtf is blue cell count. Get your anxiety under control.


Those are normal for within a cycle.


Ok sweet thanks