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First Time Using Tren. Dosing Advice?

First post, but lurk the forums often.

I’ve run a few cycles now. Test E at 250 per week for one. Test E at 500 per week for another. Did Test E at 500 and Anadrol at 50mg ed.

I just got done off-cycle, bloodwork came back fine, looking to add Tren A to my cycle and could use some advice about dosage.

Everywhere I look there is different information. High Test/Low Tren, Low Test/High Tren, equal amounts…

I’m 5’ 11’, 205lbs, 12% BF roughly and have a fairly clean diet. My goal is to gain muscle while shedding a bit more body fat.

So, question is, what amounts have you been successful with?

I’m mid way into my first tren cycle. Currently on tren A 350/week, compounded test at my TRT dose of 180/week and mast P at 350/week. Feel good. Strength is up and appetite is through the roof. Only sides to speak of are mild night sweats and slightly elevated BP. I may be lucky with the sides though.
Just had mid cycle bloods and all is good. Was expecting to see cholesterol issues but it’s actually better now than 4 weeks ago which was surprising.
No real advice hear just my experience.

Thanks for the info - so I take it you’re heard keep your tren higher than the test?

I am a less is more guy. The test is just a base. I would run lower test to keep your levels up and let the tren shine. Are you on TRT?

I am. Test E at 250mg per week. Tren A at 50mg ED.

From my experience you should be fine with that. Is that your TRT dose of test?

Typically I use 200 - 250 for TRT, but I’ve gone up to 500, which I certainly consider well-beyond TRT.

WTF your not making any sense …200 to 250, no your trt is a set weekly dose and to say you’ve gone’ up to 500 wk trt ??? 500 weekly for trt … you have no clue what your doing and def shouldnt be involving tren.

I have run a cycle at 200. A different cycle at 250. And I have run a cycle at 500. Which I understand is not TRT. I was running an AI at that dose. I’ve also done blood work consistently and all is well. Thanks for the reply, though.

I’m thinking your not on TRT? Your just cycling and coming off?

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yea very difficult to understand this guy …

I recommend you run 2-300mg test per week and NO more than 100mg Tren Ace injected EOD or ED.

If you decide to go higher just enjoy the side effects. Maybe you won’t have any though who knows

Why tren? There is a lot better steroids out there. Taking tren is like a coin flip dude. I my self faced serious side effects after abusing it.