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First Time Using Peptides


Alright so I've been just reading up on peptides quite a bit lately, and I'm considering adding IGF-1 LR3, or GHRP (2 or 6) Most likely 2 because i doubt i could keep up with the insane appetite of adding GHRP-6 into an AAS cycle. But before i read up too much on these things I'd like to know about how much I'm looking at spending on the peptides for the cycle.. I mean some places they're selling GHRP2 for 20 bucks, some places sell it for 75 bucks,and similar scenario with the IGF.. So how much is the average cost of a 5mg vial of both IGF-1 LR3 and of GHRP?
Another question which I'm having a hard time figuring out is the legality of buying these things for "research purposes".. I can just buy them off any old internet source?

Before i wasted too much time reading into these things i just had a few quick questions, thanks for the feedback in advance guys!!


Lr3 50 to 90. Ghrp 20-30. If youre getting lr3 for dirt cheap its probably garbage. Ghrp hunger is nothing insane. Its a nice little boost if anything.

Purchasing for research purposes is legal like you said.


Awesome, thanks for the help man! I appreciate it after all the sarcastic comments I see on these forums


Tbh, peptides are a waste of a time though. Its always fun to experiment with stuff, but save your money. Getting quality IGF and peps is close to non existent these days. The peps out there are so stepped on and garbage that its not even worth risking injecting that shit into your body.


Before I ran my first cycle I tried ghrp2 and cjc1295no-dac. If you do find a good source you can find quality peps. Just two weeks in I was already getting signs of carpel tunnel but I was determined to stick with it and all I got out of it was sure I little bit of fat loss and some pretty bad deteriorated wrists my grip was terrible. Which is why I stopped. I tried them again almost a year later because I had them still sitting in my fridge and same thing less thena few weeks in and his time only on one shot a day. I know people say they don’t keep for that long but that did lol. In the end sunk a lot of money in to some I totally just wish I spent of gear. Waste of time in my opinion


I fucked around with peptides for a while. Considering the amount of pinning you need to do, I just didn’t think it was worth it.

Made me hold loads of water, too. More so than anything else I’ve ran.


Definitely agree with yogi pinning three times a day sometimes more if you can fit it suck even if it is subqutanious. You’ll be looking for any bit of fat to pinch on you body after a while can only pin the same spot so many times. And all that for minimal results


You’ll also be using an entire box of slin pins a month lol


I use the same pin for weeks…


[quote]eatliftsleep wrote:
I use the same pin for weeks…[/quote]

yeah I reused the slin pin with peps, too


I don’t really see how anything would go wrong reusing a pin for peps I’m just not comfortable doing it. they aren’t that expensive its just a lot of pins adding up