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First Time Using Letro Instead of Adex

I’ve seen a lot of dosages thrown around. Some say it should be adjusted at .18mg/every 100mg of test that you use.

Others say this is too much for them.

Anyways, currently doing a cycle of 750mg/week of test e.
And 525mg/week of tren ace.
Some winstrol will be thrown in there later.

Currently using .5mg letro ED and w/o a blood test it’s hard to know if my e2 is too high or too low. My symptoms for both are pretty similar. Reason I’ve switched to letro is I believe I overrespond to adex and I have read that letro is much easier to control (with less sides short/long term). I also want to be able to have sex on cycle, and with adex it seems like I always have e2 too high or too low, killing libido.

Any of you guys have any input on using letro?

I will get a blood test 2-3 weeks in once my blood levels reach stable levels.

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I don’t know that much about letro, but I used some before and all I know is, for me I could feel it working pretty much from day one, but some people I hear say run it 2 weeks before your cycle starts to stabalise blood concentration of letro and to get it at the right concentration too. Just my 2 cents

when using about 600mg of test a week i use about 1mg ED… granted its a research liquid… but thats what it takes to keep the skin problems at bay… my libido is always sky high.

my adex from same source i was taking soo much and not really seeing a result… so i switched to letro.