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First Time Using Dbol. Advice?

Hey guys i just about to start a tren e test e and dbol cycle done tren before and tests but not dbol im only doing 1ml of test e and 0.5 ml of tren e twice a week and was going to do 3 dbol a day and ive never had trouble with estrogen is there anything else you would recommend

You realize this literally tells us nothing. These are volumes of oil and qty of tablets. What is the concentration of your oils and how many mg per tab on the oral?

FWIW tren doesn’t aromatize so your E2 is only going to be affected by the test plus dbol. I’ve ran both and still not needed an AI in reasonable doses. Make sure you spread the dbol out through the day as it has a short half life of 4-6 hours.


Sry test e is 200mg and tren e is 200 or 250 mg per ml

So you will be running 400mg Test E per week and 200 or 250mg Tren E per week? Then dbol on top? How many mg per tab on the dbol?

10 ml mate

I’ll assume you meant mg. Seems reasonable. Spread it out during the day and you should be good to go.

The other comments covered my questions basically. I would add in that even though you are using tren (the last AAS anyone should ever try) you don’t seem to be very experienced. Again tren should be the last one you try but you have made your choices so be smart.
With orals some guys seem to respond better with a dosing throughout the day and so e seem to respond better with a single dose about an hour before workout. Since you seem to be newer I just wanted to suggest that for this cycle you pick either a divided dose throughout the day OR a big dose before workout. Then next time you use dbol you try the other way. I myself have found with dbol and turinabol I seem to do better with a divided dose (and turinabol had a longer half life than dbol so I cannot use science to explain) and when it comes to winstrol or anavar I seem to respond better with a single pre workout dose. I have even tried (keeping with your 30mgs per day dose) something like 5mgs at breakfast, 5 at lunch, 5 early afternoon snack and then the remaining 15 mgs as a pre-workout.

Just wanted to give you something to think about because if you are anything like me then you will want to use any and every mg of every compound as efficiently as possible. With estered injectable hormones the timing isn’t as critical as with orals. Dbol has a 4-6 hour half life, winstrol is something like 9 (oral but injected is 24 so 9 might not be as accurate as we think), and then I think anavar is 9 and turinabol is between 9-12 hours.

So pick a timing/dosing schedule for this cycle and then try a different one next time. You might find out they both seem to return the same results but one makes you breakout more. Idk, everyone is different.