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First Time Using, Blood When I Pull Back

Hi guys I’ve just started using steroids and when I’m injecting they is always blood when I pull back is this okay ? I am injecting my arms and shoulders at the minute

You don’t need to pull back really for IM inj.

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Always? Are you super vascular and just hitting a vein every time?

I have just double checked with my brother who jabs me and he said not always and when there is blood it is the very smallest amount ??

It’s not heroin. You don’t pull back. Of course there’s blood. What did you expect to be inside your body, olive oil?


Man I totally misunderstood your post, I thought you meant when you aspirate (pull back on the plunger) you see blood in the tube, which is bad. You mean there’s blood after the injection and he pulls the needle out, which is fine. Very normal


Ah, if that’s what you meant, then, yeah, it’s totally normal. Happens to me for probably half or more of my trt inj.

What about a very small amount of blood in the syringe ??

That means you’re in a vein, and not a good idea to inject. It’s pretty rare; they don’t even teach nurses to check for it anymore

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I think technically it would be nearly impossible to do an injection without piercing a blood vessel of some sort. As long as you’ve chosen you inj site well you should have any issues. I’ve never drawn back the syringe to check in a few hundred trt inj and never had an issue.

Hello I am new to all this I have only been training 6 months and just started to use test 400 I am thinking of getting some trenbolone to go with it my goal is to bulk up and I need some advice for doing this or what to use thanks I am 5’8 and only 10 stone

Ditch the steroids at this stage: buy some steak instead.


For what reason do you say that mate ?

Because you’ve only been training for 6 months. If you haven’t made enough progress in your first 6 months of training then you haven’t figured out your training or nutrition yet.


How old are you?

Because the last thing a newbie needs is steroids. Please don’t be stupid. Plus tren is no way for a newbie to start. Man, you are asking for shitload of trouble. Put down the needle and walk away. You are clueless.


I just made an account to tell you, what are you doing? Only 6 months in and using roids already? And you even want to do tren? Man, you better get more experienced. Total waste of potential.

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I may have been harsh in my previous reply. Let me put this into context for you.

This is the equivalent of you just getting your drivers license and going out and buying a Corvette or Porsche. OK? You’re not ready. You haven’t put in the time.


I’d go one step further and say it’s like getting your provisional license (I don’t know what the US equivalent is, but I think the OP is British), then going and buying a Ferrari to learn in. You haven’t learn to drive yet, a bigger car with a bigger engine will just help you crash faster.


Fixed for ya!

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