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First Time User of Test and Deca


What's up to all? I need some advice here. I have purchased test and deca. I am 6' 175lbs. I work out 7 days a week for 45min hard! I eat lots of meat and about 4500 calories a day. What I'm asking is I was told to inject 1cc of both once per week for 10 weeks. Need help with what's the best way to go and should I be taking other things with this stack? Please help thanks


You have a lot to learn. Research ancillaries that would be run with this. Caber on hand for deca. AI while on cycle. Sermsssssssssss. What mgs are you taking of test and deca? What type of test?




so your 175lbs and eat 4500 cal per day huh?



Hi Nden,I started training with the desire to compete at 17 myself and at 6-2 and 180 similar to yourself.I was successful in the jr.Mr Canada. My main question is in regards to your foundation.My suggestions would include a training program to establish a solid base. The primary 2-most important lift’s are the Full-Squat,and the bench press. The squat works more than your leg’s,it’s a wondergul exercise to release Growth Hormonr. I.E. Heavy squat’s,also to burn fat,as it really reves-up your metabolism. Second is diet High protein,High Healthy fats and a moderate supply of high gyycemic carb’s pre and post workout,and complex fiberious carb’s and other meal’s Regarding test and deca,these 2-drug’s where the most widely used injectable’s back in the day,we didn’t have aromataze inhibitors,as they where not yet invented.Moreover I personally never experienced any problem’s with gynocomastia,but apparently it’s a major issue nonadays.I would consider an oppropriate dose for health and psysique reason’s. I wish you luck??,moreover be safe john