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First Time User, EQ/Test C

Hi all first post here although I’ve read and learnt a lot from searching other posts. I’ve not found an answer for my specific question though so thought I’d make a new post.

I’m currently on my first cycle, using 300mg EQ every 5-6 days, and I’m into my 4th week of this. No negative sides yet and no noticeable gains really although I know it’s a very slow acting drug.
I chose EQ because I read it has low sides and I wanted to check how I’d respond to AAS with something mild to start off with mainly I want to avoid hairloss.
I’ve seen mixed advice regarding taking eq on its own, some say never do it and some say eq only cycles work well. My plan was always to add in test c after around 6 weeks of eq. I haven’t found anyone do this but I wanted to try eq on its own incase of sides (pussy I know)

So my question is as I’m now on week 4, does this look ok
Week 4-6 Continue 300mg EQ e5d
Week 6-10 300mg EQ e5d & 500mg test c/wk (2x 250mg e3d)
Week 10-14 500mg test c/wk (2x 250mg e3d)
Week 16 Nolva 40mg ed
Week 17-18 Nolva 20mg ed
I have adex which I haven’t started using yet as not needed it on EQ but I’ll probably do 0.5mg e3d when I add test in as I can’t split the 1mg tabs into 0.25

You need to add test as soon as humanly possible. You’re going to be in a bad place without it. And don’t take any AI until you know for a fact that you need it. EQ does not behave in reality the way it does on paper. On paper it aromatises at x% of testosterone, but there’s a lot of mounting evidence that shows it drastically reduces e2.

I’m not going to lecture you, but you really did this cycle backwards. You should have started with the test first (and frankly shouldn’t have added EQ at any point, but that’s moot now). Get on test immediately. EQ is not a suitable substitute for testosterone and your body needs testosterone.


I ditto what Iron said!

So you understand. The EQ ester is very long that means a long half life. The longer the half live the longer we have to wait to start PCT. After your last shot of EQ you have to wait at least 3 whole weeks with no more shots of EQ then you can start PCT.
Testosterone enanthate’s ester is a little shorter than EQ. You have to wait at least two whole weeks with no shots before you start PCT…
If you stop both together then you have to wait the 3 weeks because of EQ.
If you run your test past EQ, let’s say two weeks past it then after you stop the test you just have to wait the two weeks to start PCT.
On your timing layout you have it down that you will pin test on Wednesday of week 14. You need to wait at least until week 16 on Wednesday to start PCT, I personally would wait until the start of week 17 on Sunday.
You need at least four weeks of Nolvadex for PCT. Two weeks at 40mgs per day then two weeks at 20mgs per day.n
The way you wrote it out it looked like you were waiting one week to start PCT then you were only running a 3 week PCT.

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I’ve got to agree. Why would you shutdown your natural T production for 6 weeks and not inject any T cyp? This is a pretty dumb cycle. So you say you are in your 4th week. Go load up your T cyp syringe right now and STOP this madness. Fuck the EQ if this is your first cycle you only need T. and 500mg/wk is pretty heavy. You might want to consider 300/wk. This is not a sprint its a marathon. Do 500 down the road. Stop being so millennial.

Thanks all. From the advice given here I’ve just injected 0.75ml of test c. It’s 200mg/ml so I’ll take the advice given and do 300mg a week for now which is obviously 0.75ml every 3.5 days.
My next question is do I just stop the eq?
To answer a question above I know it takes a lot longer so extends the time before pct, I maybe didn’t word it right but I’ll be stopping the eq at least 2 weeks before stopping test C, and running pct for 4 weeks after waiting for 2 weeks post last injection.
Thanks again

I would. On your first cycle you need to know how your body responds to just T and 300mg/wk is a great first cycle. Know this it take 40 days for T cyp to reach steady state in your blood. SS is when you have double the T in your blood you are injecting every week. Most of us don’t feel the cycle for about 4 weeks. So don’t be alarmed if you are not feeling any stronger at the gym for a month.
I would just forget about all the stuff you took and restart the clock on your cycle the day you took that first T cyp shot. Good Luck lets see some gains pics when this is all over.

You have great steroid there be patient EQ is amazing, what i would do is 500mg test 250x2 a week and once a week 400-600mg Eq, you needed to ask advice before you started a cycle, trow in test soon and dont worry you will survive but dont do cycle without test base, i see you dont have problem with pinning this are all injectibles but its bad plan to do gear like that, its a waste of gear and harsh os endocrine system…

Why to stop, no need, eq is not aromathiseing witch is great… You can do 2 things, lower doseg of EQ to 200mg 3weeks and start to take test 250x2 times on week, 3weeks and after that just up dosage of EQ to 400mg and keep test on 500mg… Or you can do the other thing witch i wouldn’t recommend but it will bonce you where you should be take 200mg of EQ and take one shoot of 500mg first time and second pin after 3days take 250, third after 3day take 500, after that proceed 2x250 on week and trow in 20mg of nolvadex…

I already stated why in my post.

Je can reach stable concentration without stoping, by this time he shold see side effects of EQ so any new sign would be from test, he eill go back 10steps back, insted of doing 3steps back and 10 forward… (just my opinion)