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First Time User, Anavar Only Cycle


Hi I am brand new to this website and signed up to get a few opinions from experienced users. I am 19 years old six foot one and only weigh 150lbs. No matter how much I eat ican never gain any weight. Ihave been working out for about twoyears now and decided it was time to give steroids a try. I decided to give anavar a try at 20mg a day for 50 days.

I got these pills for 200 total expensive? The reason ichose anavar is because it is the safest oral and I wanted this as my first time. After I got these pills istarted to do some deep research on this steroid and found out it wont really make you bigger just leaner. I also read that if you are under 160lbs anavar works real well with your body maximizing the results.

I am currently on day nine and have gained about a pound or twoo. I also have noticed a lot more strength than what I Am use too. I need opinions on what one will think will happen to my body results wise. If I bought these for no reason I'm going to be pissed. I will also make a log of my results through the weeks.


If I were you I'd stop taking them and get your diet and training in check. After few years of good training, eating and reading about steroids you might be ready to use them. What you are doing know, is just stupid.

You should be able to get your weight over 200lbs naturally rather "easy".


This^^^^ And oh yeah...


I already started taking them so i can not stop now. It is not easy to get over 200lbs in my family. My dad is 6 foot 2 and he is only 190 and is a grown man. I've tried everything to gain weight im on a 4,000 cal diet eating over 160g of protein a day. There is no stopping me now, is there going to be any results or did i just waste $200?


cool story bro


why would you spend the time to read this and only post cool story bro? get a life and find something better to do all im asking for is opinions not smart ass comments




You want opinions- Here goes. I think you are a F-in liar! No way you were on a 4000 cal a day diet and gained no weight. Maybe you did this for a week. Eat like that for 3 months and tell me you gained no weight. We have all heard your bullshit before. Eat, sleep and lift heavy shit. Words to live by if you want muscle. Also you will need to get strong to gain muscle mass, sooo lift heavy shit. You did waste your money. Now that you took the AAS before you are at potential you will be lucky to get to your fathers weight. Just MY OPINION> THATS WHAT YOU WANTED!


i thank you for your insight and i have been eating a 4000cal diet for about 3 1/2 months now and ive only gained about 2 lbs from 148 to 150. When you say stunt my growth you just mean height or do you mean my max weight gain potential? There are still going to be results though correct? I also read from sources and talked to people who have done anavar cycles that you dont need to do pct which does not seem right to me. I thought you always need pct for health pre-cautions and also so you dont loose your gains. Any thoughts?


So eat 5000.


Or count your calories :slightly_smiling:


Assuming you're not a troll, bump your protein from 160g to 300g.

Your welcome


List the 4000 calories you ate yesterday. Foods and their amounts. No one believes you, if you didn't realize.


first of all ive been struggling for months now to even eat 4000 a day i struggle to eat 4000 i just get filled to where i can not eat anymore or i will puke. I have been slowy upping my protein intake getting about 200g on a good day the days all vary though on depending what i make myself or buy from a restaurant or store. i keep a baseline of 4000cal and 160gs of protein never going under those numbers. I struggle to get the 4000cals but can easily put down around 200g of protein. I dont know why nobody believes me i keep a log every single day with what i eat how many calories and how many grams of protein. This is yesterdays....

2 yougurt 200cal 10g
2 bagels 540cal 20g
Milk 150cal 8g

Subway footlong 1300cal 63g
Protein shake 1045cal 95g

1/2lb burger 488cal 42g
2 slices of cheese 120cal 12g
2 pieces of bread (as bun) 140cal 5g
Milk x2 300cal 16g

Soup 240cal 16g
Milk 150cal 8g

total cal 4,673
total protein 279

That was just yesterday, all my days are pretty much related to this example give or take a few calories and grams of protein.


If you cant gain weight while youre nowhere near your natural potential what do you think will happen when you come off the cycle and return to your present habits?

Yes. Your body will revert right back to where it was. There is no point to use steroids if you dont know how to gain weight naturally. My advice would be different if you were 5'10 240 8%. But youre not. You just need to eat more.

What is the XXg number? Grams of what? Is it protein? What kind of soup are you eating that has 16g of protein in it?

Maybe you arent aware but FAT is also a macronutrient. 8oz of beef doesnt provide nearly enough dietary fat.

Basically your diet is 100% to blame.

I'll be nice and lay out a simple little template.

Breakfast shake
8oz whole milk
1/2 cup ground/powdered oats
3 whole eggs
table spoon of peanut butter
frozen berries, a handfull will do
table spoon of olive oil
60g whey protein
add ice and blend. add water or more milk if its too thick

meal 2
6-8oz of meat
8-10oz potato or rice
small salad or some veggies with olive oil drizzled on top

meal 3
with a piece of fruit

meal 4 pre workout
1/2 cup of oatmeal
40g whey

workout shake
1 scoop whey
2 scoops gatorade powder

meal 5
6-8oz meat
8-10oz rice/yams
vegetables avacado/tomato salad with olive oil

meal 6
1 scoop casein + tbs olive oil shake


Start eating like a man and ditch the phantom calories you claim to be eating.

And when youre on the go have a bag full of almonds/walnuts/dried fruit and a Kashi bar or some fruit.


No one believes you because unless you are the most rare case in the world, a 150lb dude taking aas and eating 4000 cals a day will definatly gain weight- typicially 10 or more pounds in 6 weeks. I would think you would gain that without AAS and 2000 xcess calories a day.

This is really simple- eat excess calories, sleep and lift very very heavy. READ READ READ. Maybe you have not stunted future progress because you have only grown 2 lbs. IDK. When you put on 50 more pounds naturally then try a test only cycle. You need to get strong naturally first, you have got to be pushing pussy weights because you are not causing any hypertrophy.


Yes the xxg is grams of protein. Chunky soup has 8g per serving and there are 2 servings in a can. I think my main problem is that I am eating foods rich in proteins but they are low in calories. Once I am done with my cycle and continue to eat raising my calories and protein as I progress shouldn't I be fine and not loose results? If I continue to eat well and up my intakes as I go along I should be fine once I'm done with my cycle in about six or so weeks? Basically using the anavar as a kick start to muscle results and then take over my body naturally from there continuing to eat well exercise and sleep. Or will I just loose all the results and be back at step one?


I have been eating 4000cals for a while now but have only been on aas for ten days now in those ten days I have gained two lbs and my strength has started to increase a good amount. I gained about 4lbs in three months on a strict diet but these aas seem to be speeding the process up. If I keep up the high diet and training I should be fine once I'm off my cycle right?


Your foods are NOT rich in protein. Youre eating 4000 calories and barely breaking 200g of protein. Thats not good. Who in their right mind counts the protein in bread??? The protein in meat from subway cold cuts is bad. Chunky soup -> god only knows whats in that. I assume you dont eat those foods every day but still. Somone who isnt gaining weight shouldnt be eating "empty" shit.

Go buy a pound of ground beef. Sautee it with some onions and taco seasoning. Bake 3 huge potatoes. Eat all of that in one day in addition to your "diet". SERIOUSLY anything is better than your diet now.

You are way too undereducated to be messing with drugs. You can not ask if the anavar will "kickstart your body into making muscle" and expect people not to think youre years away from ready. You dont even know which foods to eat yet (subway and chunky soup are not muscle building foods) and you want to use steroids. That is not how steroids work. Come on.

Put in a few dozen hours reading about nutrition so you can figure out why your diet is not even close to ideal.


That was just yesterday and Wednesdays are my busiest days cause of class most other days I am eating those things like pasta chicken ground beef whey weight gainer and pork that was just a very busy day when I had to mak time to eat. Most other days I'm cookin up heavy meals like tonight I had chicken pa and a half pound of pasta for dinner