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First Time Trying MK-677

Hey guys,

I’m 30 years old, 5’7’’, 180 lbs, and been training consistently for a good 12 twelve years. I’ve never used anything stronger than creatine, but after a lot of reading, and not a lot of cash, I’ve decided to give MK-677 and maybe get some tips a long the way.

There isn’t a lot of reliable info out there on this stuff, and the majority of people using it, are also using a variety of other things. MK-677 is the only thing I’m using other than some basic OTC supps.

I was planning on dosing 5 days a week, 2 off, at 25mg, however, the sides are stronger than I expected, so I’m reducing to 12.5mgs for the moment.

Day 1 - First dose at 25mg. Shortly after I had the extreme hunger, and hypoglycemic response, many others reported. Rest of the day was fine, slept ok, but with vivid dreams.

Day 2 - 25 mg dose. Less hunger but still there, no hypo response. Felt great all day, good workout. In the evening I noticed some nipple sensitivity. At least one of the studies on MK-677 mentions prolactin increasing in the early dosing periods, but I don’t see gyno being mentioned anywhere as a concern. I also had serious nightmares/restlessness all night, and terrible night sweats.

Day 3 today - I reduced the dosage to 12.5mg to see how my body handles that.

I’m curious if anyone else who’s tried MK-677 experienced the sensitive nipple issue, or severe night sweats? From what I’ve read, gyno seems to be a relatively slow process with obvious wanring signs, so if it gets worse I’ll just have to discontinue using the MK-677. In the mean time I ordered some B6, Vit-E, and Mucuna Pruriens, as these are suppose to have a slight effect lowering prolactin levels.

I’m not sure if this forum can be used to update results, but if so, I’ll continue to add to my experience. Otherwise, anyone’s experience is appreciated.

i’ve heard that MK-677 can raise cortisol and prolactin a bit, but i’ve actually never heard of anybody having side effects from that, though.

i’m about 2 weeks in at 12.5 mg/night, and am pretty happy.

i think a couple guys here also noted hunger issues with this, but were running it at 25 mgs, too…

Thanks for the info. I think I’ll just try lowering the dose to 12.5 mgs for awhile and see how that goes. Maybe 25 mgs was just too big a jump to begin with.

hey, another thing I forgot to mention, is that MK677 has been studied in assisting in increasing gastric motility.

this would definitely increase a feeling of hunger, as your stomach could possibly work faster…