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First Time Trying Metabolic Drive


and so far I'm loving it! I previously thought most proteins were created at least... slightly equal. Obviously you have to look at your value (grams per serving vs. grams of protein per serving), and there's the, previously considered on my part, "all holy" amino acid profiles, and of course calories and carbs and what blend of protein you're getting.

Now I'm one of those people who can get a hold of some good deals so I've been taking in muscle milk because it claims to have micellar casein's in it, and I've been able to get a couple buckets, on the cheap. I'm not sure how much micellar casein muscle milk actually has in it, all I know is this:

Metabolic Drive COMPLETELY destroys ALL other blends of protein I've previously consumed. Tastes great, leaves my muscles feeling... different (almost like I've got a pump), and it's cheap. Once again Biotest, you've made me a believer.

Simply stated, no bull.


Wait till you try chocolate Surge.


I'm calling BS on your muscles feeling differently, but I will say it tastes awesome.

Strawberry Low carb = my new favorite. (Haven't tried any of the Metabolic Drive Complete, it seems I'm perpetually low carb dieting)


You can call BS if you wish but I've changed nothing else in my diet except for that, and they definitely feel fuller, and more repaired today.


I feel blood pulsing into my muscles 10-15 minutes after I drink Metabolic Drive/Olive oil/Milled Flax shakes usually.

Could be the fact that I'm in caloric deficit or the HOT-ROX though.


ever heard of the placebo effect? not downing Metabolic Drive, I love the stuff, but it's only protein